#1304 Fight Club Vol. 1

All the Best doesn’t go looking for the fight; the fight comes to us. A night on the Gold Coast during Schoolies starts in a Penthouse apartment and ends with violence¬†and jail; and a girl’s whip is transformed from performance object to weapon when domestic violence stares her in the face in Darwin.

A Night to Forget
For the record, Wade Keighran doesn’t like to fight. But when a group of drunk guys at Schoolies started physically harassing a group of young women, he felt he needed to act. It was the start of the worst night of his life.

Produced by Kate Montague.
Music credits: ‘Gimme Shelter’ by The Rolling Stones; ‘You Doo Right’ by Can; ‘The Hardest Button’ by The White Stripes; ‘Dimension’ by Wolfmother; ‘Where is my Mind’ by The Pixies.

Zen and the Art of Whipcracking
Kerzlake¬†thought she’d mastered the art of whipcracking. But coming home one night through the dark streets of Darwin, an unexpected showdown with a stranger challenged everything she loved about her art.

Produced by Kate Montague.
Music credits: ‘The Last Night’ by The Dirty Three; ‘The Man with the Harmonica’ by Hollywood Studio Orchestra; ‘Bang Bang’ by Nancy Sinatra; Calexico.

Production Manager: Carly Anne Kenneally.
Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez.
Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo.

Photo credit: Self-portrait by Kerzlake.