#1907 The B’s and The D’s

Names are very useful. They come up a lot. But we mostly can’t choose our last names.

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It’s Just a Name by Erin Dick

This is a surname that is in the running for most inconvenient surnames of all time.

Supervising Producers: Allison Chan and Jordan Fennell

Music: ‘Slimeheart’ — Blue Dot Sessions, ‘Caledonia’ — Amy Macdonald  

Queen B by Elina Godwin

There are very good reasons why the Queen Bee, is *the Queen*.

Original Sound Design and Composition: Elina Godwin

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#1619 Stuck in limbo

This week on All The Best we’re dealing with the feeling of being stuck in limbo, including the story of a man whose mother’s future is suddenly suspended in uncertainty, forcing him to confront how he views his family. Plus, a look at that confusing, shifting grey space between art and porn, and a sound piece about the middle-ground between man and machine.

The Bar Fridge by Jack Gow

A few years ago comedian Jack Gow woke up to a missed call. He didn’t know that moment would throw his entire world into a sudden and unexpected limbo, a whirlwind of uncertainty, on the side of a highway in Sydney.

Edited by Selena Shannon
Music: Saverem’s beat by Spirals, Hey Now by Karnivool (cover), Lo Boob Oscillator by Stereolab

What inspires you? By Elina Godwin

A short, beautiful, sound piece about the grey area between man and machine, and what Siri can do to inspire you.

The Art of Sex by Brittany Sheahan, a.k.a Sydney-based musician Lady.

In this story, we meet a woman navigating an age old limbo by asking questions about art, porn, the space in between, and what happens when one artist brings the two together.

This is story has a bit of strong language and deals with some explicit sexual themes. Find more of Kim’s artwork on Instagram at _artofkim_

Supervising producer: Selena Shannon
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Image by _artofKim_