# 1322 The Settlement

Redfern is a diverse inner-city suburb of Sydney, renowned for its strong Aboriginal community.  ‘The Block’ has been a hub of political activism with a vibrant community spirit, but in the last decade Redfern has seen huge changes because of it’s proximity to the city centre.  Housing prices have sky-rocketed and it seems like every week there is a new trendy cafe, restaurant or bar opening.  A lot of people have welcomed these changes but there are others who worry that the spirit of the old community is being lost.

‘The Settlement’, an old community building in the middle of Redfern, became the battleground for a neighbourhood dispute between the old and new.

This show was produced as part of Stories by Postcode, a local story telling initative run by All the Best, devised by Jesse Cox, and made possible with a grant from City of Sydney’s Local Community Grants program.

Producer & Presenter: Kate Montague

Producer’s Assistant: Caitlin Gibson and Miles Martigioni

Sound Engineer: Antonia Gauchi

Music Composer: Edwin Montgomery http://soundcloud.com/edwinmontgomery

Production Manager: Carly Anne Kenneally

Features Executive Producer: Belinda Lopez

Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo




#1216 24 Hour Challenge

This week we set our contributors a challenge. Make a radio story in 24 hours. The day we picked was Sunday August 5.  The time to begin midday.

Windsurfing under the flightpath
Produced by Miles Martingoni

For as long as he can remember, Miles’s father has been trying to drag him out onto the water. Sailing, fishing, swimming… anything that meant getting out onto any beach, lake or river… well recently his dad started doing something different… and we thought it was the perfect thing to capture for our recording day….

Trawling the Vic Markets
Produced by Madeline Rebbechi

I am number 132

Produced by Zacha Rosen
All around the country, on any given afternoon, groups of people get together. They want to work out how to change the world. And on the day we made this there was a meeting in Sydney of mexicans about a movement called ‘I am 132’ – Zacha went along

The Accidental Busker
Tess Lawley

Countrylink to Port Macquarie
Produced  by Jess O’Callaghan

Pie Suit Memories
Produced by Lucie Bell

Breaking the Fast
Produced by Georgie Moodie

Presenter: Georgia Moodie
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Technical Producer: Damian Enemark 

Picture credit: Lucie Bell in her pie suit circa 1990s

#1204 First Impressions

A show in 24 hours? We thought it was impossible. Until this week’s show fell in on itself and we had to make it happen. Hear the results, including – stripping off in P.E. class, and we get our Tarot Cards read in the backseat of a car during a flashflood.  Produced by Jesse Cox and Miles Martignoni with the help of All the Best contributors and a bit of fate.

A Child’s First Impression with Dr Mark Derosnay

You Do WHAT In PE Class? with Lucie Bell

Trapped in Maccas with Julia Wylie

Buggy Wars on Dangar Island with Mike Kermode

Produced by Jesse Cox & Miles Martignoni
Presenter: Eliza Sarlos
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos