Monthly Archives: May 2011

Live from the Sydney Writers Festival – Power Trip

Recorded live on the 19th of May at the Club Stage, Sydney Writers Festival. Music from Sydney’s Fergus Brown.

All You Can Eat Supporter Drive Special

This week is FBi’s All You Can Eat supporter drive – to mark it we’re looking back on a handful of our favourite stories and chatting to their producers.

The Origin of FBi

In 2011 it’s hard to imagine a Sydney without FBi, and thankfully we don’t have to, but in its 8 year gestation from 1995 to it’s launch date of August 29, 2003, the story of FBi is a tale of tumultuous and triumphant times. Join us to hear how FBi...


This week we’re all about Exhibitionists. As we discover, there’s much more to exhibitionism than just showing off. We speak to someone who uses their skin as a canvas and another who made money from having artist’s paint their naked image. Speaking...