All The Best Story Making Guide

This will walk you through the usual story making process. This will give you a really good understanding of the amount of time and work your story might take!

Example Paper Draft 

If you like, you can use this to draft your script. Putting in descriptions of the music and sound design will help your SP get a sense of the style you’re going for and imagine how it mind sound in the audio version. Ps please make your own copy!

How To Use Reaper

This folder contains a detailed guide on how to use Reaper and some other instructions on file management, noise reduction and shortcuts that might be helpful. If you learn better watching though, we recommend this excellent tutorial series from Kenny Gioia.

Cue Sheet 

You’ll need to fill this out toward the end of the story making process. This has two purposes; it gives us the details we need for our host’s intro, website copy and social media posts and it also acts as a contract, laying out your rights and responsibilities as a story maker. Again, please make your own copy!  

That’s all for now! Make sure you listen to some past All The Best stories to get a sense of our style and standard. You can also ask the editorial manager to recommend some stories that might be similar to what you want to make.