Current Challenge

V. Making Sense of Your Past

Thinking about the past can bring up a lot of emotions, but how many of these emotions are reflective of the present you? 

Interview someone about a memory you share, and how you both feel about it in hindsight. Edit it down to 3 minutes or less. 

You can use any genre to tell your story (fiction, narration, interview), and any format (consider sending voice notes over Whats App if it’s hard to sit down in the same place).

Come along to an Audio Club session for tips on and great examples of audio stories that explore memory.

This challenge is the fifth in a series of monthly assignments being released by All The Best’s Audio Club.

Anyone who participates will enter the draw to win a pair of Denon Perl Pro earbuds.

Come along to this meet up on at FBi Radio to meet your fellow participants and receive some great audio tips. 

Meet-up details

  • Join us in-person at FBi Radio at 5.30 pm on Wednesday June 26th. Link to join here.
  • Join us online at 5.30 pm on Wednesday July 3rd. Link to join here.