All The Best’s Audio Club

How does Audio Club work? 

On the third Wednesday of each month we’ll release an audio challenge on our website, newsletter and socials.

Come along to an online or offline meet to hear inspirational examples and bounces ideas.

Email your MP3 to phoebe@allthebestradio and you’ll enter a draw to win a pair of Denon Earphones for participating.

All entries will appear on our website – an exhibition of audio doodles!

Read on for the first challenge!

Challenge #2: Autumn Moments

Windswept leaves crunching on the sidewalk, pumpkin soup boiling on the stove, a Kookaburra’s laugh marking the early morning. What does Autumn sound like to you? 

This month we are asking audio creators to submit a three-to-four minute audio vignette on how Autumn sounds in their world. We are looking for snippets, descriptions, field recordings, that nestle together like the segments of a mandarin to create the fleeting, brisk moments of Autumn. 

It’s a low-stakes way for anyone (anyone at all!) to get involved with audio – we encourage you to use your phone (which typically have decent microphones) to record, and to come along to one of our in-person or online meet ups for audio tips.

Challenge #2 Meet Ups

Join us online at 5.30 pm on Wednesday April 10th. Link to join here.