All the Best Team

Phoebe Adler-Ryan

Phoebe Adler-Ryan is an audio producer and Production Manager for All the Best. A blue sky thinker, Phoebe has spent several years helping creative organisations to grow their content, partnerships and audience. She has a special interest in incubating the next wave of audio drama, having completed a thesis on the topic at Goldsmiths University.

Mell Chun

Mell is a freelance journalist and the Editorial Manager for All The Best. Mell is passionate about audio journalism, media ethics and the importance of public radio in strengthening communities. She is currently working on a radio documentary about early Chinese immigration with a grant from the Judith Neilson Institute and Walkley Fund.

Ryan Pemberton

Ryan Pemberton is an audio producer and sound designer for Audiocraft and The Guardian Australia’s daily news podcast, Full Story. Ryan has edited and mixed podcasts for the ABC, including Trace, This Is About, Radiotonic and was the producer for the Slow Home Podcas

Britta Jorgensen

Britta Jorgensen is a radio producer and postgrad researcher completing a practice-research PhD on independent podcast producers in Australia. She began producing and presenting community radio at 2SER in Sydney, and has since produced radio/podcasts for The Wire, ABC Radio Hobart, Edge Radio, the CBAA’s National Features and Documentary Series, the Emerging Writers Festival and ABC RN’s Earshot. She’s recently been mentoring emerging producers at Melbourne University and PBS.

Evana Ho

Evana Ho has been a supervising producer with All the Best since 2018. She is the creator and producer of the podcast Love, Canberra,  which focuses on intimate conversations about love, sex and relationships. She runs the Canberra Podcasting group and the Broken Hearts Club.

Sarah Mashman

Sarah Mashman is an audio and content producer with ABC RN in Sydney. She’s currently producing season two of Cosmic Vertigo and Sum of All Parts. Sarah spent seven years working for the ABC in Tasmania while producing features for Earshot and History Listen. She is passionate about story telling, creative audio and sound design.

Eugenia Zoubtchenko

Eugenia is a Melbourne-based producer and has been part of the editorial team since 2019. She received the 2018 ‘So You Think You Can Pod’ prize from the Wheeler Centre, and has co-hosted a weekly show at 3CR. She first fell in love with audio storytelling during interminable late-night drafting sessions at architecture school, and is still fascinated by stories of people’s relationships with place. She first started making audio with the help of the brilliant mentors at All the Best!

Ollie Krusec

Ollie Krusec is a podcaster who fell deeply into the Audio Fiction world, after having been sucked into the genre in 2010 whilst listening to We’re Alive … at night … something she does not recommend. She is known for Co-creating B.S Cryptid with her co-producer Rowen Midello. Ollie also helps to produce multiple works coming out of SYN Media in her role as Podcast Manager and recently helped launch The Tiny Podcast Project for SYN volunteers.

Daniel Semo

After years of teaching English and playing in bands, Daniel decided to combine his love of language and his love of music by telling audio stories. He started producing stories and composing sound design for All The Best in 2017. Daniel was born in a country that no longer exists, calls Australia home, but currently lives in Japan.

Emma Pham

Emma Pham is one of our social media producers and is interested in the intersection between the digital realm and storytelling. In her spare time, she does pixel art, enjoys picnicking in the sun and is passionate about giving a voice to the unheard.

Mel Bakewell

Mel is an audio producer from Kaurna country, currently based in Mparntwe, Alice Springs. In 2019 she was selected to participate in the Transom Travelling Workshop, a week-long radio storytelling intensive led by Rob Rosenthal (Transom) and Georgia Moodie (formerly ABC RN). There – huddled over editing programs, pondering narrative structures, nerding out over radio –  she realised creative non-fiction storycraft was maybe the love of her life? She was the winner of the 2020 CBAA National Features and Documentary Series. She has a background in law, community development and visual arts.

Maddy Macquine

Maddy Macquine is the Wheeler Centre’s Senior Audio Producer and a supervising producer for All The Best. Maddy fell in love with community radio and audio storytelling while studying sound design at university. Since then, they’ve worked at and run training programmes for various community media organisations in Sydney and Melbourne. Maddy was the host of All The Best from 2019 to early 2021.

Jasmine Alavuk

Jasmine Alavuk (she/her) is the Social Enterprise Manager at Student Youth Network (SYN) based in Naarm/Melbourne. Jasmine is an experienced audio producer and media trainer, having delivered radio and podcasting programs to students of varied ages and abilities across Victoria. She has coordinated audio programs with CMS Radio in Canberra, RMIT University, Gippsland LLEN and Collarts. Her role at SYN combines her passion for youth empowerment and quality audio storytelling.