Unrequited Love

Have you ever thought you sucked at picking up women? Have you ever been in love, only to have your love not returned? On All the Best this week we explore the many facets of unrequited love. We take advice from a dating coach, listen to now-well-known writer’s angsty teen diary readings, explore the ups and downs of polyamourous relationships, learn how to write the perfect love song and bury ourselves in the oral histories of one of our contributor’s grandma, who has forgotten who he is.


This week on ALL THE BEST, we talk about all those things you’re not supposed to do… Like eat each other. Some taboos are more obvious than others, but as we’ll hear when explored they are sometimes not all that bad. We’ll talk to a sex worker who caters to the disabled community, have a giggle at a local comedian who gets his laughs from taboo topics, and we’ll also hear from a young man who came out to his church at Hillsong.


Where do you live…? Does your neighbour drop weird letters to you late on a Saturday night? Could you write a book about living with your family? Have you ever lived not knowing where you’ll sleep each night? Or have you ever had to move somewhere against your will, even if your loved ones thought it best? This Sat we look at all kinds of house and home with

a show about ‘Residence’, on All The Best.