#1335 Mama, Guns & Jungle Fever

Romance, Love, Shot guns, Cigarettes, Nudity, Guns ‘n’Roses….

This episode we encounter stories where romance has taken people off the beaten track and into bizarre situations.  We also get into the mind of Miles Merrill, a spoken word poet as he speaks about his experience and his poetry.


My Mothers Date

Sarah Low had heard a story growing up…about a date her mum went on when she was a teenager.  It seemed a like a strange way to romance someone.  It was definitely not a traditional date.

Producer:  Sarah Low

Supervising Producer:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  This Guy’s in Love with You by Herb Alpert, The Toy Parade by David Kahn, Melvyn Leonard, and Mort Greene, Micky Maos by Halloween, Jaws Theme Music by John Williams


Tales of Sin & Virtue- Miles Merrill

They decided to get out of town, so they drove their car 20 miles down a dirt road to the middle of nowhere.  But, they weren’t alone… Miles Merrill tells his story at Tales of Sin & Virtue, a live storytelling event.

Storyteller:  Miles Merrill

Producer:  Giordana Caputo


This is Miles

Miles Merrill has been at the heart of the Spoken Word scene in Australia for over a decade.  His passion and commitment to the art has seen the development of the National Poetry Slam which includes over 1000 poets each year who get up to share there stories.   He has pioneered the non-profit literary company  Word Travels who are about to host a three day festival.  Where does his love of language come from?  And what drives him?  Merran Winchester went to find out more.

Producer:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  What Night Knows by Miles Merrill, Welcome to the Jungle by Guns ‘n’ Roses, CityCountry by Jai Pyne


Picture Credit:  Lisa Turano


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Features Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester

#1334 Natural Composition


Nature has inspired Art since the beginning of time.

This episode we bring you stories inspired by nature and inspired for nature in the creation of music and art.  From the sensual mating of machines in the wild, to a musician’s love of permaculture, you’ll find an array of tales to provoke your imagination and senses.


Height of Passion by Tug Dumbly

Tug Dumbly is a writer, performer and poet, with a talent for language.  In this poem the miracle of nature unfolds before our ears as we are taken into the truly magical world of Jumbo Jets.

Playing for Permaculture

Charlie Mgee has hit the international scene as a singer/ songwriter performing at festivals all over the world.  What makes his work unique is his passion for permaculture and the environment.  This story leads you into the cool, fun and ethical world of Charlie Mgee and his music.

Producer:  Emily Woods

Music Credits:  Change by Charlie Mgee,  Small & Slow by Formidable Vegetable Sound System, No Such Thing as Waste by Formidable Vegetable Sound System, The Edge by Formidable Vegetable Sound System, Small & Slow by Formidable Vegetable Sound System, Oil by Formidable Vegetable Sound System, Limits by Formidable Vegetable Sound System, Yield by Formidable Vegetable Sound System

Other links:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSTFfKHJg4Y


How to Replace your Piano

‘Piano’s go missing all the time.’

But it’s not just the piano that’s missing.  Welcome to the music room where things are not as they seem.

Producer’s:  Zacha Rosen & Bryce Halliday

Writer & Narrator:  Zacha Rosen

Sound Design & Composition:  Bryce Halliday


Trees are People Too by Tug Dumbly



Picture Credit:  Moyan Brenn


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s: Gioradana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Feature’s Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester

# 1333 Crossing Oceans

This episode we follow the stories of people who have crossed the ocean in search of a new home, a new beginning or adventure.   These stories will takes us from Africa to Australia, to Chile and Afghanistan.


From Africa, Home

Erin Rosenberg moved from South Africa with her family in 2005.   In this story she reflects on the challenges she faced establishing a new life in Melbourne and the love she has of her homeland South Africa.

Producer:   Erin Rosenberg

Supervising Producer:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  Shosholoza by the Drakensberg Boys Choir, Arms of Steel by Freshlyground, Jump One by Romain B.


In Detention

Anjali Vishwanathan met Ahmad-Ali-Jafari in Villawood Detention Centre when she went to speak with detainees about their experiences.  They shared stories, food and laughter.  Earlier this year Ahmad passed away in detention after suffering from a heart attack at the age of 22.    This story is a personal reflection and tribute to Ahmad-Ali-Jafari.

Writer & Narrator:  Anjali Vishwanathan

Producer’s:  Zacha Rosen & Merran Winchester

Sound Design:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  Loop Four by Seaworthy, Laceration by Kai Engel, Afghan Music Melody by Afghanistan Culture 09, Dil (A meaningful poem especially for Muslims) broadcast by Kashmala Ch.

Other Links:  http://overland.org.au/2013/08/eulogy-for-ahmad-ali-jafari/


Sea Hitchhiker

Zacha Rosen met Gabriel Salas to learn about his adventure crossing the Pacific Ocean on a balsa wood raft.   As a Chilean National, Gabriel left his country looking for an adventure.  What was originally going to be a road trip through South America turned into a history making voyage across the Ocean.  However, when he arrived in Australia a new political regime had begun in Chile and he realised he couldn’t go home.  He became one of the first Chilean refugees in Australia.  And if it wasn’t enough to cross the Pacific Ocean once in a lifetime, he managed to do it twice.

Producer:  Zacha Rosen

Music Credits: Jupiter The Blue by gillicuddy, Opening Doors by Jamie Evans, El barzón by Los Amparito,  Spring Rain by Aaron Ximm, Skitzin by Shining Bird

Other Links:  http://allthebestradio.com/blog/sea-hitchhiker/

* This story was originally broadcast in September 2012.  To find out more about the story go to


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Features Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester


#1332 The Sister & Mum

This episode we meet some extraordinary individuals who have mastered the art of giving.

From welcoming children into your family to looking after the vulnerable in society, these individuals have a huge capacity to love.  In our first story we meet Lesley Flanders, a foster mum who has welcomed over 40 children into her home over the years.  We also hear about an unlikely, but very successful duo who teamed up together to bring a bit of magic into the lives of some of the more isolated people in our community.  These stories are good for your soul!

Tribal Mum

Liam met Lesley whilst working on a creative project with the United Nations.  The conference was about Disabilities in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Communities.  Liam and his brother Dieter interviewed Lesley as part of that project. Her story, as a foster mum and the love she has for her kids inspired him to make this piece.

Producer:  Liam Knierim

Music Credits:  Backyard by Robert Dann


The Scallywag and The Saint

An ex-con and a nun walk into a bar…well, sort of.

This is the story of Sister Myree Harris and Vic Hitchcock, an unlikely pair who teamed up to deliver Christmas cheer to the community.  What they give and what they get is much, much more.

Producer:  Kate Montague

Music Credits:  Indian Love Song by The Dirty Three, Kim’s Dirt by The Dirty Three, Writing Poems  by Ludovico Einaudi (from ‘The Intouchables’ soundtrack), Kolapot by Amiina, Familiar Ground by Cinematic Orchestra.

For information about Sister Myree’s work go to http://www.gethsemanecommunity.org.au/


Picture Credit:  Robert Freiberger


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Features Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester