#1720 Picking up the pieces

Stephen hasn’t seen his high school girlfriend in nearly 30 years. Things didn’t end so well when they were teenagers,

#1710 Life After

#1710 Life After What does life feel like in the wake of death? How do we cope, who do we turn

#1709 A Night Away

A lost sex toy, the persistence of nightingales, and the choices about life and love we make after the sun

#1708 What keeps me up at night

Stories straight from our Audiocraft listening party! If you missed the midnight garden gathering, here is the first instalment of nocturnal

#1617 Online Identities

It’s 2016, so it’s more than likely you have an online identity. In fact, you may struggle to remember a world without

#1606 Lead Affected

  “I felt betrayed, because I loved Broken Hill and I loved my house and I loved the town, and

#1526 Be Strong and Have Courage

“I remember in year 7 especially feeling really different from everyone, classic, and I remember feeling like there was a

#1518 Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic brew historically and traditionally used by shamans in the Amazon basin to gain access to the

#1515 A Walk In The Park

  When 17-year-old Masa Vukotic was murdered in the Melbourne suburb of Doncaster while out for a walk in a

#1514 Grapes of Ridicule

What are you looking for when you buy a bottle of wine? If you’re alone do you reach for the

#1508 A Way With Words

Some things are harder to say than others. The most important things to say, messages you really want to get

#1507 Legal Walls

Access to the law is something it’s easy to take for granted – if there’s an injustice, if you are

#1506 Best Practice

A lot of us trust our doctors to make us healthy, or at least to cure our illnesses. But can

#1436 Blowing the Whistle

This week we work our way through the government’s changes to national security legislation, and zero in on one change that passed

#1432 Borrowing Sugar

There’s a lot of mythology around neighbours. A good neighbour can turn into a very convenient friend, one who lends

#1416 That Girl

  “I didn’t want to be That Girl Who Had An Abortion, because I’m not… When you look at the

#1412 Squeezing the System

  Ever think about where your $10 t-shirt came from? On the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in

#1411 Morwell

Back in February one of the coal mines in Morwell caught fire. The entire town was covered in ash. Residents

#1406 These Women

Everyone can tell the story of an awesome woman. A mother, grandma, sister, friend, or teacher. This year International Women’s

#1348 Old & New

  We are ending the year celebrating the people we love.   From lovers to grandparents we hope you enjoy

#1345 …Vs The Establishment

What would you stand up and fight for? Small Fry ‘ A warm man cannot understand a cold man’. Barrister

#1334 Natural Composition

  Nature has inspired Art since the beginning of time. This episode we bring you stories inspired by nature and

# 1333 Crossing Oceans

This episode we follow the stories of people who have crossed the ocean in search of a new home, a