#1715 Sleeping with a mosquito

James Brechney chalks rainbows for equality. It started as a bit of a joke, but the sentiment spread and, before he knew it, chalk rainbows were popping up all over the world and Facebook was flying him to America. Quickly, the rainbow chalkings became a recurring symbol in the queer community, a peaceful message of solidarity. But is chalk enough when devastating reports of tortured gay men are coming out of Chechnya?

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” It’s a well known, perhaps over-used line from the Dalai Lama. Sometimes, even in the face of huge adversity, all it takes is something small and persistent to move mountains.

‘The geography of hope’ by Joe Koning

Henry Gold was born in the Bohemian Forest, of what was then Czechoslovakia. After World War II ended, he and his family trekked across railway lines and made it into Austria. Fed up with the cramped conditions of his austere life in Vienna, Henry decided he had to get out.

He moved to Australia in the 50s and swiftly fell in love with the Blue Mountains. Henry began taking photographs of the natural landscapes he loved, sometimes in places with no trace of modern exploration. These photos would make their way into the hands of then Premiere of NSW, Neville Wran. They became, you could say, the little mosquito in his ear that led to a big change in our legislation.

Supervising producer: Selena Shannon
Music: ‘Le Scarpe Al Chiodo’ by Remigio Ducron, ‘Storm’ by Rare Silk, ‘Dead Slow” by Tonio Rubio

‘If trees could rent’ by Emma Nobel

What if trees could rent in Melbourne? Where would they go? What would be their deal-breakers? Emma Nobel imagines a Melbourne where trees – like a lot of us – are also struggling to find places to live, even without ordering smashed avo on the daily.

Supervising producers: Selena Shannon and Bec Fary


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#1623 The Chimeras of Regional Victoria


This week All The Best goes bush, on the hunt for ghosts, dinosaurs and Big Cats. We’re chasing down the chimeras of regional Victoria in two beautiful stories that drive us out of the city and into the shadowy mysteries of the state.

‘Bright Eyes in the Otways’ by Emma Nobel

Ever seen a Big Cat in the Australian wilderness? A black panther lurking in a forest?

In this story, producer Emma Nobel disappears into the bush with a Big Cat expert to hunt down this mythologised creature and trace the origins of some mysterious sightings.

Supervising producer: Kate Montague

‘Abandon All Hope’ by Made Stuchbery

Producer Made Stuchbery is intrigued by abandoned places, particularly empty rural towns that have been left to succumb to the elements.

After a trip to the old gold mining township of Walhalla, and hearing about the apparent ghosts haunting the town, Made decided to explore the memories of another curiosity that once lay hidden near the town of Creswick. An old dinosaur park.

Executive Producer: Selena Shannon

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#1509 Where Are The Women?

“I cannot believe you’ve put a woman on the radio like this. You know that women get their periods and then don’t make as much sense as men. You’ve made a massive mistake.”

Why aren’t there more women on the radio? It’s a debate that’s been raging for as long as radio has existed. Is their delicate lady voices? Is it an authority thing? Is it something else all together?

Emma Rose Nobel wants to work in radio – alarmed by the lack of women’s voices as she flicked through frequencies, she started to wonder if there would be room for her on the airwaves.

In this International Women’s Day special, we look at women in Australian radio today – commercial, public, and community, and ask the question ‘why?’

Producer: Emma Rose Nobel

Features Executive Producers: Jess O’Callaghan and Heidi Pett

Presenters: Pip Rasmussen and Michael Brydon

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