# 1338 Spring Break


Spring Break never looked so good!  Tropical paradise, steaming jungles, volcanoes, desire, lust & love.


Island Love

Can fantasy’s ever live up to reality?  Will that dream island holiday produce that dreamy island lover?

Giordana Caputo teamed up with Writer Christopher Allery to capture some of the moments they shared on their ‘fantasy island’ getaway in Vanuatu earlier this year.  They drank too much rum and found many adventures but, it didn’t quite live up to it’s expectations in the romance department.  Join them  for Island Love.

Producer:  Giordana Caputo

Writer:  Christopher Allery

Voice Actors: Jason Hood & Fiona Pepper

Sound Designer:  Andrew McLellan

Music Credits:  Non, je ne regrette rein by Edith Piaf, Return Of The Mack by Mark Morrison, Tropical Hawaiian Day by Ka’au Crater Boys


Love in Borneo

Writer, ecologist and storyteller Andrew Last shared his story of love in the Borneo jungle at Yarn; Stories Spun in Brisbane, a live storytelling  event held in Brisbane.  Romeo and Juliet has nothing on this love story!

Storyteller:  Andrew Last

Technical Producer:  James Douglas

Other links:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yarn-stories-spun-in-Brisbane/224872800936734


Music Credits:  This must be Hawaiian Love by Sir Augustus Holmes


Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Production Manager: Carly-Ann Keneally

Feature’s Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester

#1335 Mama, Guns & Jungle Fever

Romance, Love, Shot guns, Cigarettes, Nudity, Guns ‘n’Roses….

This episode we encounter stories where romance has taken people off the beaten track and into bizarre situations.  We also get into the mind of Miles Merrill, a spoken word poet as he speaks about his experience and his poetry.


My Mothers Date

Sarah Low had heard a story growing up…about a date her mum went on when she was a teenager.  It seemed a like a strange way to romance someone.  It was definitely not a traditional date.

Producer:  Sarah Low

Supervising Producer:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  This Guy’s in Love with You by Herb Alpert, The Toy Parade by David Kahn, Melvyn Leonard, and Mort Greene, Micky Maos by Halloween, Jaws Theme Music by John Williams


Tales of Sin & Virtue- Miles Merrill

They decided to get out of town, so they drove their car 20 miles down a dirt road to the middle of nowhere.  But, they weren’t alone… Miles Merrill tells his story at Tales of Sin & Virtue, a live storytelling event.

Storyteller:  Miles Merrill

Producer:  Giordana Caputo


This is Miles

Miles Merrill has been at the heart of the Spoken Word scene in Australia for over a decade.  His passion and commitment to the art has seen the development of the National Poetry Slam which includes over 1000 poets each year who get up to share there stories.   He has pioneered the non-profit literary company  Word Travels who are about to host a three day festival.  Where does his love of language come from?  And what drives him?  Merran Winchester went to find out more.

Producer:  Merran Winchester

Music Credits:  What Night Knows by Miles Merrill, Welcome to the Jungle by Guns ‘n’ Roses, CityCountry by Jai Pyne


Picture Credit:  Lisa Turano


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Features Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester

#1323 Mad Science

 Giving not Taking

With only 5 litres of blood in our body, you’d think it would be in our best interest to keep all of that inside….you’d think.

Producer Michael Kermode travels to Woy Woy, just north of Sydney to learn more about a very natural therapy making a comeback.  Since it’s days of glory in the 18th &  19th centuries, this treatment has been used to cure various physical ailments as well as being used, in more recent times, as a beauty treatment.  If they don’t make you squeal or shriek, they might make look and feel great.  Mike Kermode speaks with Stefan Hafner to learn more about these little, medicinal creatures.

Producer:  Mike Kermode

Supervising Producer:  Belinda Lopez

Music Credits:   Attack of the Giant Leeches – filmclip (1959), Goosebumps by Ray Davies, Tea For Two Cha-Cha by Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Stuck On You by Lionel Richie, Pencereden Kar Geliyor by Erkan Ogŭr, Faust Symphony by Liszt, I Got Rhythm by Django Reinhardt, Let’s Work by Prince, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing by Leo Sayer, Mr Lucky by Jimmy McGriff, Stuck On You by Elvis Presley


The Mystery of the Long-finned Eel

After hearing a story about the migration of the Long-finned Eel and mistaking it for an urban myth, Merran Winchester decided she needed to find out more so she could distinguish fact from fiction.  She staked out a park at night and talked to various scientists to find out how these eels could make such an incredible journey from an inner-city park to the waters of New Caledonia.  This research led her on to ask questions about humans, machines, instinct and reason.  It is a story based on research and told by actors.

Producer:  Merran Winchester

Supervising Producer:  Kate Montague & Giordana Caputo

Actors:  Anna Martin & Brendon Taylor

Music Credits: Absent Presence by Jason Bradley Livesay, Clock without Hands by Peter Calandra & Scott P Sehreer, Flagship Commander by Patrick Smith, Handel & the Glory of the Lord (arranged) by Dave Greendale, Powder Smell by Tillman Sillescu, Werewolf by Tillman Sillescu


Production Manager: Carly Anne Kenneally

Features Executive Producer: Merran Winchester

Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez



#1218 By the Moon

For everyone who has been on radio hosting a series of Allnighter of Mid Dawns is a rite of passage.  This week to begin our show about the moon Georgia and her cousin Harry White reminisce about those nights on the air.

Ramadan and the Moon
Producers: Nancy Notzon & Katerina Lebedev
Sound Design: Andrew McLellan
Supervising Producer: Giordana Caputo

Over the past few weeks, you might’ve noticed some people not having lunch or tea or coffee with you any more. In the day that is. While some of us relax and start to wind down as it gets dark, others are just getting started. Ramadan – that holy month in the Islamic lunar calendar when people fast by day and feast by night – makes quite a stir. The moon comes out and friends and families get together for prayer, socialising and of course, lots and lots of eating. It’s a vibrant time to be out on the streets in Auburn in Western Sydney.

Darwin by Night
Produced by Mike Kermode
Co-ordinating Producer: Grace Dalton

Earlier in the year All the Best’s Mike Kermode moved North to Darwin, we asked him to describe what the city looked like at night.  Mike tells us about his first Territory Day.

Hospital Under A Full Moon
Produced by Gina McKeon

Midwife and Nurse Sophie Lewis talks with Gina McKeon about how the moon affects births and why they try to avoid shifts when the moon is full.

Presenter: Georgia Moodie
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox

Picture Credit: Peter Cagnacci

#1212 Town and Country

We go to the city. We go to the country. Stories about leaving the country and returning home.

Audio Diaries
Produced by Giordana Caputo
With contributions from Bronwen Loden and Jordan Bloomer
Original sound design and music by Andrew McLennan

Albion Park
Written and read Annaliese Constable
Sound Design: Callum Wheeler
Dialogue Edit: Nick Rowan
Sound Supervision by Que Minh Luu
Produced by Jesse Cox

Returning to the Country
Produced by Georgia Moodie

Presenter: Georgia Moodie
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox 


#1209 Modern Warefare

This week we’re locked and loaded as we talk Modern Warfare. We head to Japan for the 65th Anniversary of Hiroshima, stop over in Iraq to talk about conflict photography, head behind the Iron Curtain to compete in a swimming race and visit your local gym to enter a real life Fight Club.

Written and read by Briohny Doyle
Original music by Tim Jenkins
Recorded at Joy FM by NAME
Sound supervision by Que Minh Luu
Produced by Jesse Cox

Interview with Sebastian Meyer
Produced by Jesse Cox with thanks to Ampersand Magazine’s Alice Gauge

Fight Club
Produced by Michael Safi and Julian Chung
Supervising Producer, Giordana Caputo

Presenter: Eliza Sarlos
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos