#1616 Our Strange Beliefs


Alternative opinions can make or break friendships. The big religious or political ones can be as divisive as your favourite song, or your feelings towards Jar Jar Binks. The pressure to explore, explain and justify our beliefs can make it easy to feel defined by the views we hold, especially if they deviate from the status quo.

In this episode of All The Best, we’re talking about strange beliefs and how they might feel out of place to some, but totally ordinary to others.


‘Sympathy for the Gungan’ by Zacha Rosen

Jar Jar Binks was seen as the worst character in the worst Star Wars film when the first of the prequel movies came out in the late nineties. But one little girl saw things very differently.

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Music: Star Wars Episode 1 Soundtrack – ‘Jar Jar’s Introduction And The Swim To Otoh Gunga’, and Peter McConnel – ‘Manny and Meche’

‘Road to Sainthood’ by Ian Woolf and Tegan Nicholls

“I got a priest collar from a magic shop, and started getting invited to give agnostic blessings at housewarmings. I was in demand!”



Ian Woolf works as a science communicator, but what happens when this non-believer discovers he can become a church minister, online, for free?

Edited by Tegan Nicholls

Music: Miserere Mei Deus – W. A . Mozart (Performed by Kings College Choir), Flower Songs II Tranquil – Ross Edwards, Hallelujah Chorus – J. Handel (Performed by Royal Society Choir), Presto – O Freunde, Nicht Diese Töne – L. V. Beethoven, Little Less Conversation – Elvis Presley (JXL Remix), Supertzar – Black Sabbath

My Melbourne Manifesto by Made Stuchbery

When you look at politics up close it seems like it’s moving really fast: press release, soundbite, promise. But if you take a step back it’s still a long history of old, white men, Kings and Queens and ancient traditions and documents. This story is about one woman’s quest to get a glimpse of modern day marxism in Australia.

Supervising producing by Selena Shannon

Music: ‘Obvs’ by Jamie xx, ‘Gung Ho’ by Patti Smith, ‘Crosstalk’ by Kane, ‘I See Red’ by Split Enz.


Presenter: Michael Brydon

Community Coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

State Coordinator: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

Executive producer: Selena Shannon

Image: Flickr Creative Commons user istolethetv

#1407 Internet History

The internet has changed so much in the past twenty years that it’s hard to imagine a time without it. Even harder is remembering what the internet used to be like, in its many incarnations. When we first brought up the topic of internet memories, a bunch of  producers started to talk all over each other, excitedly. When everyone calmed down, we found each person seemed to be talking about very different internets. The internet that Ian remembered, a private club where coding was necessary and ‘netiquette’ was expected was very different from Pip’s take on Tumblr culture and Heidi’s memory of MySpace songs.

In this episode, we bring you stories from the internet, past and present.

None from the future. That’s a bit too terrifying.

Eternal September

Today the internet is available to almost anyone – on your phone, on your watch, even in your fridge. But all All the Best contributor Ian Woolf remembers when the internet was just for the initiated – those who knew the rules. That was, until the day the internet died.

Produced by Ian Woolf

Music Credit: Podington Bear

Black Book

Well before Tinder, Grinder, Blender or any of those matchmaking websites took off, Tiger Webb and his girlfriend at the time were pioneers in online dating. Too awkward to talk in person, they interacted online – their high school romance played out over email. Tiger kept all of those emails, printed them all out and collated them for her for their first birthday together. What happens when your internet history is a tangible object? Does it make any difference?

Produced by Tiger Webb

Music Credits: ‘Computer Camp Love’ by Datarock, ‘Knocked Up’ by Kings of Leon

Letters to my Former Internet Self

We asked some of our favourite writers to think of their Former Internet Selves, throw their pride out the window, and offer that person some advice. Thanks to Sally Whyte, Michelle See-Tho, A.H.Cayley, Sam Ryan, Josie Wright and Tom Joyner for obliging. We became a bit obsessed with your internet memories, so you can hear all the letters in full at our blog.

Produced by Jess O’Callaghan and Heidi Pett

Music Credits: ‘Steppin Intro’ by Poddington Bear

Imposter Syndrome

On the internet, everyone always seems to be somewhere cooler than you are. Parties look more fun than the one you’re at, clothes are crisper, countryside more pristine. Imagine if, somehow, you managed to slip into the life of someone who seems on Facebook to have all the fun. This story is fiction, by Zacha Rosen.

Produced by Zacha Rosen

Music Credits: ‘Choy Lin’ by Fishing, ‘Get By’ by Talib Kweli, ‘Corporate World’ by The Dust Brothers, ‘Oraculum’ by Trent Reznor, ‘Shake Break Bounce’ by The Chemical Brothers, ‘White Sheet Beach’ by Fishing.

Presenters: Michael Brydon and Michaela Morgan

Community Coordinator: Pip Rasmussen

Executive Producers: Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Features Executive Producers: Heidi Pett & Jess O’Callaghan

Image Credit: Eris Stassi

Music Credit: ‘Paddling Ghost’ by Dan Deacon

#1343 At Your Service

Psychopathic bosses, jobs from hell, call centre nightmares…

Welcome to ‘At Your Service’.


Fred/ Jack 

For many of us, we think about ways that we could make improvements to our little corner of the world.   This is a story about a real council in Sydney, a real swimming pool and one man’s quest to take on the “big guys” and shake things up in his area.  After 18 months of campaigning and over 100 letters, Jack shares his story.

Writer: James Tsonis & Courtney Payne

Producer & Sound Designer:  Courtney Payne

Supervising Producer:  Merran Winchester

Voice Actors: Janice Baker & Bill Baker & James Tsonis

Music Credits:  After You’ve Gone by St Louis Swing Band, Honeysuckle Rose by Django Reinhardt


Go-Pher It!

After sweating away at her Law degree for 5 years, Farz Edraki answered an ad to join a law firm and begin her new career.   However, the job didn’t quite live up to her expectations.

Producer:  Farz Edraki

Supervising Producer:  Merran Winchester

Voice Actors:  Adelaide Rief & Paul Rands
Music credits: Wha’d Ja Do To Me by The Boswell Sisters


Jobs from Hell

Who would have thought astronomy was a dangerous job? Or that you were risking your life in computer support?  This is the story of how a glamorous job turned into a nightmare with a boss who was a psychopath.

Producer:  Ian Woolf

Supervising Producer:  Kate Montague

Sound Design:  Ian Woolf & Bryce Halliday

Original Composition:  Bryce Halliday


Picture Credit:  Ian Woolf

Music Credit:  Wherever We Go by Blue Canoe Records


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Feature’s Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester