Dear ATB Listener,

How are you?! We’re pretty good. Saturdays are always hectic.

As we type this letter, we have just aired this week’s show on FBi Radio. We started off by hearing from a sweet CWA lady – Kathleen T. Gable – whom Mel Braun homaged for her letter writing during WW2. It was “splendid”.

Our morning then took a less innocent turn, as a newer contributors, Mike Kermode, retold his friend’s hilarious customer complaint story regarding a pepper grinder… a very distinctly non-refillable pepper grinder.

The giggles then got a bit aggressive as a column by Sydney journalist Richard Glover – which was supposed to be satirical – took a turn for the worse. Many thanks to Sarah McVeigh for producing this story about the 1000s of hate mail letters he received in response to this article.

One of our own then broke in to narrative, with Brigitte Dagg talking about the letters she wrote home whilst travelling. We have a whole book of them – fifty pages worth – in our possession (blackmail potential!!) which Zacha Rosen found the best bits of Imogen Semmler to chat around.

As we type this letter, it reminds us that we rarely write hard copy letters anymore – and nothing was a starker reminder of this than a less convention penpal piece by Lucie Bell featuring vision impaired women Coral and her Japanese friend.

Braille machines and cassette tapes were then juxtaposed with something a little more commercial: a letter to Santa. Yes, ATB wrote our own letter, and he better bloody well respond when we send it off to him in the snail mail.

Speak soon! See you next week! Sayonara!
All The Best xxx
P.S. This week we farewell Imogen Semmler, thanks for all the fantastic fill in presenting.

Presenter: Imogen Semmler
Supervising Producer: Emilia Terzon
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos


Life Aquatic

Introduction Soundscape produced by Rosi Tuck

I Love the Ocean
Produced by Zacha Rosen

Underwater explorer, Jacques Cousteau sailed around the world in his boat, ‘Calypso’ pionereering the art of Scuba diving in the forties and became a documentary film maker in the fifties. Wes Anderson became influenced by his works and based his film, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, as a bit of a homage to Cousteau’s love of the world underneath the waves. Zacha Rosen spoke to Gerard Lavrut, who worked with Costeau and developed his own relationship with the ocean.

A War Worth Fighting For
Produced by Imogen Semmler
Technical Producer: Antonia Gauci

Imogen Semmler spoke to her friend Fiona McCuiag. Fiona has a passion for saving the animals, and about 3 years ago decided to change her career path and venture out helping the marine life on the Sea Shephard. Her story is all about living on the ship, and the experiences that come with fighting for what you believe in, out on the unforgiving open sea.

Killer Whale Diaries
Written and performed by Claudia O’Doherty

Normally a diary might uncover secret crushes or teenage angst, but what if it was written by someone working at a killer whale training facility in the middle of the ocean? Claudia O’Doherty tells the story

Jurgen Mueller
Produced by Lars Oscar Hedstrom

Altered Zones writer Daniel Gottlieb talked to Lars Oscar Hedstrom about Jurgen Muellers supposedly lost album, ‘Science of the Sea.’

Presenter: Imogen Semmler
Supervising Producer: Grace Dalton
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos

Picture credit: Peter Cagnacci


What will I be when I grow up?
Produced by Simon Anicich

Meet Chris, Stu and Gus – what did they want to be when they grew up? Simon Anicich meet with these three chaps to find out if their childhood dreams were realised.

How I Got To Sydney
Produced by Nick Hose

Nick Hose recounts making that big choice to finally make the move from his hometown of Melbourne, all the way to Sydney.

Saving My Surfspots
Produced by Simon Anicich

Luke Marshall was just like any other kid who’d grown up by the beach: surfed everyday and spent most of his time either on the sand or in the water. Then one day, Luke sat down to watch a film that changed his life forever.

Written and read by Vanessa Berry

Ever wondered why so many you speak to know someone living in Berlin or have been to Berlin?

One Day At Work
Produced by Madeliene James

Everyone has moments at work when their attention lapses, even if it’s just for a second. Luke Mitchell had a moment like this at work on a film set which resulted in the loss of certain bodyparts…

Presenter: Imogen Semmler
Supervising Producer: Gina McKeon
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos



Kid’s Promises
Produced by Zacha Rosen

Promise to Past
Produced by Alex Kennett

In this story we hear from Kat. Kat’s story is one of war and exodus of leaving her family and her culture to resettle in Australia. These experiences have led Kat to make some firm and unusual promises to her family, her religion and her culture but most of all to herself. Alexandra Kennett brings us Kat’s story.

In Loving Memory of Some Guy
Written and read by Zoe Norton Lodge

It seems like most promises we make are to our dearest and nearest…even if more often than not it’s the last thing we want to do. Next up we hear from Zoe Norton Lodge and the type of promise you just cant ever get out of…. This story was published as part of Seizure, a themed magazine for new writers seizureonline.com.

Promise to Baby
Produced by Sophia Mallam

There are times when promises aren’t so much made as…forced upon us. In our next story Sophie Mallam caught up with Sydney writer, Antonia Hayes, to talk about the hardest  promise she’s ever had to make.

Lord of the Leash
Written and read by Tom Ballard
Recorded live at ‘Stories of Kindness’ a night curated by Eddie Sharp at the Jurassic Lounge Sydney
Recorded and edited by Kate Ryan

So far today, we have heard about promises made to our self, to our faith and those we love. But what about those promises to be people we hardly know? What is it that makes us keep these?

Presenter: Imogen Semmler
Supervising Producer: Alex Storey
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos

Picture credit: Peter Cagnacci


Heroes and Villians

Scott Mcleod
Produced by Nancy Notzon

A few months ago at the Graphic festival, we met Scott McLeod. Scott has been in the comic book industry for over 25 years now, and in that time has written and drawn his own comic book series, written for the Superman series and also published a number of books. Nancy Notzon spoke to Scott recently and this begun our show on Heroes & Villains this morning on All The Best.

Big Kids
Produced by Brigitte Dagg

Danny Chifley is a 34 year old Sydney Sider who is still actively engaged in the purchasing of and playing with toys. He still considers himself very much a ‘big kid.’ In this story, Danny talks about his holidays to New York spending hours in toy stores, and confesses Star Wars still plays a big part in his life.

Produced by Kath Lim

The Witch is the quintessential villain. For centuries people blamed everything on witches, from failed crops, to disease, death & famine, often resulting in the witches paying a high price for these accusations, most of the time, this was death. In this story, Kath Lim talks with three Sydney wiccans, David Gardiner, Jane Meredith and Glenys Livingstone.

Anthony Reilly
Written by Eddie Sharp
Narrated by Luke Rodley

Super villains don’t really exist, do they? In this tale written by Eddie Sharp, he tells the story of a real life villain so swift, so stealth-like, and so down-right genius, that anyone who knew about him was sworn to secrecy. It is the story of Anthony Reilly, a cinema thief from Sydney.

Presenter: Imogen Semmler
Supervising Producer: Kath Lim
Features Executive Producer: Jesse Cox
Executive Producers: Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg, Eliza Sarlos