#1817 On My Own

We’re flying solo. A poet goes on a solitary road trip through the American southwest and a self-confessed extrovert takes on the challenge of being by himself.

Only Child by Tom Joyner

Only children can have the reputation of being selfish, entitled and bratty – like Little Emperors. Tom Joyner gives us his take on that assumption.

Supervising Producer: Selena Shannon

Alonestar by Jordan Fennell

Josh is an extrovert and loves being around people. But he’s spent the last year wrestling with the fact that he actually can’t stand to be alone. Listen as he attempts to push past this insecurity by forcing himself to do things on his own.

Music: “Arrival of the birds and transformation” – The Cinematic Orchestra, “Left Bank Two” – The Noveltones, “Morning Mood” – Edvard Grieg

Out Of Water by Allison Chan

Kate Middleton, the poet, spent three weeks travelling by herself along the Colorado River . She reads ‘monsoon song’, ‘postcard: Kremmling’ and ‘neon song’ from Ephemeral Water, a book that was based on this journey through the American southwest.

Many thanks to Zacha Rosen

Music: ‘Running Waters’ by Jason Shaw, ‘Hello Night’ by Zoe Keating, ‘Optimist’ by Zoe Keating, ‘Jog to the Water’ by Blue Dot Sessions

Thank you to Tilly and Chloe for opening the episode with their experiences of being only children.

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Image: Allison Chan

Music: ‘Never Alone’ by L FRESH THE LION


#1522 Permanence

Permanence is often something sought after rather than a reality.
Humans crave permanence – a steady income, a permanent home, a permanent companion. We ink permanence onto our skin, carve our lovers names into padlocks, throw away keys and make vows using words like forever.
But very few realities can meet our expectations of permanence. Time, fire, and bolt cutters can slice right through the fantasy and make us look our temporality square in the eyes.
This week on All the Best – things that we thought would last forever and the ways they are inked on – or erased.
Love Locked 
Love locks have become familiar features on iconic bridges worldwide. The trend of snapping your eternal love on the structures has become too much for them to handle. Cities all over the globe are using bolt cutters, nets, and saws to unchain the locks of thousands – but if the lock isn’t eternal, what happens to the love?
Produced by Made Stuchbery
Ink and Skin
Anything that involves permanence needs trust to work. Relationships, contracts, pinky promises and the big one – tattoos. The art of scoring ink into another person’s skin is one based on trust as much as it is on permanence. Jess Hamilton got tattooed, and interviewed artist MISO while she was poking away.
Produced by Jess Hamilton
Sound design by Briana Cowlishaw
Death of a School
Growing up, you might have wished school was a little less permanent. There’s something about turning up at the same place at the same time wearing the same thing every day that makes the place seem timeless.
But schools are institutions and buildings. Time, environment, people – they all contribute to the place changing.
For students at Caringbah Highschool, their school turned into an evolving reminder that nothing is permanent – not buildings, institutions, or adolescence.
Produced by Tom Joyner 
Features Executive Producers: Jess O’Callaghan and Heidi Pett

Presenters: Pip Rasmussen and Michael Brydon

Image Credit: Made Stuchbery