Our Autumn pitch workshop is cancelled, but the show must go on!

Now more than ever we need to hear each other tell stories and share laughs.

There were some great resources we were eager to share with everyone at the pitch workshop, so in lieu of it going ahead, we’ve made them available online for everyone!

Our SYN Community Coordinator Lee Robinson has recorded this excellent video, breaking down how he made his story, ‘Looking Forward.’ Hopefully it sparks some ideas and gives you some inspiration.

SYN Community Coordinator Lee Robinson – How I made an All The Best story

We’ve also added a whole bunch of resources for contributors to access HERE. Be sure to check out the video from All The Best’s EP, Ryan, about how to make an All The Best story, complete with ATB audio examples ?

As many of us start to retreat behind closed doors, the sound of another person’s voice becomes more precious. We’re super aware of the role podcasts play in providing that connection. We’re keeping the episodes coming.

In order to do so, we’ll also need contributors to keep making stories! So if you’re looking for a creative project while you bunker down we will ABSOLUTELY be taking your pitches. We will be facilitating remote connection between contributors and supervising producers and providing technical and creative guidance every step of the way. We’re happy to answer any questions about the process – get in touch!

Hearing those intimate moments in a stranger’s life is why people listen to podcasts. We’re dead set on keeping that intimacy going

We’re taking pitches for stories on just about anything you’re interested in! But, if you need a little inspo we’re on the lookout for stories on the following themes:

  • Synchronicity (meaningful coincidences)  
  • Unfinished business
  • Adapt or perish 
  • Unintended consequences
  • Guilty pleasures

Get your pitches in ASAP by sending them over to contact@allthebestradio.com with the subject line “Autumn pitch”.

Pitch TIPS

All The Best is a narrative documentary podcast and community radio show. We’re big on creating engaging audio with voices, music and sound design. If you’re thinking about story ideas, take a look at the four questions below: