Winter Pitches

All The Best is here for emerging audio makers to pitch, produce and learn. We’re currently taking pitches for our winter content round!

What we’re after

We’re looking for first-person narratives about formative experiences.


Like Erin’s story about living with endometriosis.


And the stories in this episode, exploring uncomfortable experiences of personal growth – like travelling to India alone when you live with a disability, or learning to feel comfy stripping naked in front of friends.


We’re looking for stories that show the personal, everyday impacts of big issues.


Like this story about planning a wedding in coronavirus times.


And this episode, where we investigate how artists are responding to lockdown measures, and what it’s like to organise your apartment block to go on a rent strike.


Most episodes of All The Best feature a couple of short stories tied together with a theme. We’re currently on the lookout for stories that fit in with the following themes:

  • The new normal
  • Left behind
  • Point of origin
  • Behind the curtain
  • Crossing the line

Pitch to us

We accept pitches for documentaries, character-driven essays, and short works of fiction.

The deadline for the current pitch round is July 12th.

Get your pitches in ASAP by sending them over to with the subject line “Winter pitch”.