Archive (old)

We’ve been around since March 2010 and have changed a lot in that time.  We started as a two- hour program on FBi Radio in Sydney with live interviews, segments, features and music.  We pretty quickly realised that producing two hours of content with no budget each week was a tall order, so we made our show an hour.  Then we started producing stories each week  for a particular theme and shortly afterwards we dropped live interviews and instead focused on making short radio features, documentaries and packages.  In 2012 we tightened the show further so we could bring you the best emerging radio storytelling as weekly half an hour program.

The show’s reach and contributor base has also expanded significantly since our early days. We started off as a single collective of radio producers at FBi Radio in Sydney in 2010, before being broadcast on the national Community Radio Network in mid-2012. By early 2013, we’d expanded the show to four state collectives in Sydney, Melbourne (SYN), Adelaide (Radio Adelaide) and Brisbane (4zzz). We now receive pitches from radio producers from all over the country, and our state collectives meet regularly for community, inspiration and to plot great new stories for the show.

While this is not a comprehensive archive (in the beginning we didn’t save everything!), we’ve uploaded shows going back until October 2011.  We will continue to add to the archive, and are also trawling through some of our super early shows so you can see just how the program has evolved.