#395 Featuring: Or It Didn’t Happen


Stories from FBi Radio’s fiction podcast ‘Or It Didn’t Happen’. Some are true, some are false. It’s up to you to figure out which is which.


Fishboy by Sophia Melika

Sophia goes on a movie date that goes poorly, for her date (it goes well for her).

Find more of her work at sophiamelika.com and on Instagram.

Fishboy was originally read at Read to Me, a comics reading night in Sydney. Find out more on their Facebook.


Lỗ (n. hole; v. to lose [in business]) by Frances An

Frances kills a cockroach.

Lỗ was originally published in Seizure. You can read the story there.


Portrait of a High-to-moderate Functioning Alcoholic by Courtney Thompson

Portrait of a High to Moderate Functioning Alcoholic won the Queerstories prize in the OutStanding LGBTIAQ+ Short Story Competition for 2017. You can hear Courtney reading the story herself on their podcast. And you can read the original story here.

Access free and confidential advice about alcohol and other drugs by calling the National Alcohol and Other Drug hotline. Call 1800 250 015

Music: ‘Bottom Riser’ by Smog, ‘Kosame No Oka (from “Drunken Angels”)’ by David Mansfield.


Dog by Meg O’Shea

You can read the original Dog comic here, or buy it as a zine.

Find more of Meg’s work on her website and Instagram.


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