#407 Woke Up Like This


This episode is about those first few moments after we wake up. What we do with them can set us up for the rest of the day. That is, when all goes to plan.

That Night in Chippendale by Pat Grant

Pat takes a drunken snooze in the back of his van, and has a rude awakening.

This is a story from the suburb of Chippendale, back in the early 2000’s. If you weren’t there at the time you wouldn’t recognise it. The CUB brewery was still churning out Carlton Draught and Resch’s Pilsner. It made the whole neighbourhood smell like weetbix and cast a shadow of late-industrial despair over the place.

Storyteller: Pat Grant

This story was originally read at Read to Me, a comics reading night in Sydney. Find out more on their Facebook.

Morning Person by Monisha Rudhran

What makes someone a morning person? Aren’t we all people in the morning anyway?

From Miracle Mornings and meditation, to Minecraft and makeup: we get ready with three strangers, each following a very different routine, and explore everything that happens before you see someone sit down at their desk.

Producer: Monisha Rudhran

Supervising producer: Ryan Pemberton

Music: Key by C418, Minecraft by C418, Subwoofer Lullaby by C418, The Dustbin by Blue Dot Sessions

All The Best credits:

Executive Producer: Ryan Pemberton

Victorian State Coordinator: Jordan Fennell

Episode Mix and Compile: Ryan Pemberton

Host: Maddy Macquine

Community Coordinators: Chloe Gillespie and Danni Stewart

SYN Community Coordinator: Lee Robinson

Social Media Producer: Matilda Fay

Image: Heather Ford via Unsplash