#509 Animal Rescue

The workings of the animal kingdom are foreign to many of us. This week we bring you stories that delve deep into the hidden world of cats and later in the episode, the hidden world of bees. 
Community Cat Carers by Ryan Pemberton 
A group that works at the dead of night, saving lives, Community Cat Carers’ mission is to reduce the overpopulation of street cats Sydney-wide, through our rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing program.
They are a not-for-profit, volunteer based rescue who are committed to a No Kill policy. ?
A warning, this story contains some talk of harm to animals.
Producer: Ryan Pemberton 
Supervising Producer: Mell Chun 
Music: Original score by Ryan Pemberton and additional music sourced from Blue Dot Sessions. 
You can find out more about Community Cat Careers, donate and sign up to volunteer at communitycatcarers.raisely.com  
Queen B by Elina Godwin
There are very good reasons why the Queen Bee, is *the Queen*.
Producer: Elina Godwin