#534 Staff Picks: Melbourne Uni Stories

For the past seven years, All the Best has collaborated with the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Advancing Journalism and the Science Gallery to mentor students in my Audio Journalism class and to provide audio editorial training. These produced narrative podcasts that have been used in the Science Gallery’s shows and broadcast on All the Best. This collaboration has allowed students to produce work for broadcast for a public audience for the first time.

This year’s theme is ‘Dark Matter’ and All The Best mentors are currently working with students on a brand new batch of stories to fit this theme. You can keep an eye out for those in June, but in the meantime here are some of our favourites from previous years.

You’ll hear the stories as they were first aired, so get keen to hear voices from hosts of All the Bests’ past!

Grandpa Delivers The Eulogy At His Funeral by Julia Bergin 2017

Three years prior to his death, Grandpa and father began formal discussions for his funeral. Whilst they disagreed over size and music, there was consensus that Grandpa should speak on the day of his departure. In March this year, the funeral planning committee’s recommendations took effect; Grandpa addressed the congregation from his casket, delivering the eulogy at his own funeral.

Supervising producer: Jordan Fennell.

More Than a Pad by Wing Kuang, Chang He and Inderpreet Kaur 2019

Australians are pretty used to disposable menstrual products. But for Indepreet, growing up in India, cloth pads have always been the norm.

Supervising producer: Eugenia Zoubtchenko.

Brown and Happy by Dilpreet Kaur  2018

“You have dark skin and a fat nose,” said the 60-year-old neighbour to a 12 year-old girl. A whole decade later, this girl is still fighting the stereotype of being a woman of color and the lack of privilege of not being white. Does she give in?

Supervising Producer: Jordan Fennell.

All The Best credits:

Production Manager: Phoebe Adler-Ryan

Editorial Manager: Mell Chun

Episode Mix and Compile: Phoebe Adler-Ryan

Host: Madhuraa Prakash