#567 New Years Whispers

On December 14th, All the Best set up an audio storytelling installation at the Powerhouse Museum’s after-hours event ‘Powerhouse Late’. 

We invited attendees to take the mic and share the things they’ll never forget from 2023, and their hopes and aspirations for 2024.

First up, Nat shares how a medical diagnosis that left them feeling a bit lost, led to the discovery of a new passion. Then, Elise shares the rollercoaster series of events that unfolded on her holiday.

Turning to 2024, Marie shares her dream travel plans for a special birthday. 

Also looking to the new year, Trey and Theo drew on their creative practices to write letters to their future selves.

Then, poet Ying shared a reading of her beautiful work ‘Bloom’ traversing the climate anxiety that shrouds our present and future.

Finally, FBi Radio volunteer and All the Best Community Coordinator Patrick, who shared his New Year’s ritual.

Thank you to all of our story contributors and to the team at the Powerhouse Museum Ultimo for facilitating this night of story-making and telling.

All The Best Credits

Recordist: Harvey O’Sullivan

Producer: Phoebe Adler-Ryan

Editorial Manager: Mell Chun

Host: Madhuraa Prakash