#569 Amongst the Sheep

This week we’re playing two more stories from the Black Snapper International Audio Competition. 

First up, a college email catastrophe…

The Bello Tolls for Thee

On 9th October 2014, students at University College, London, received an email from their provost via the all-students list. 

It consisted of a single word: “bello!”. Soon students discovered that everyone was able to reply all to the initial email, and have their message sent to UCL’s 40,000 strong student body. Unsurprisingly, chaos ensued.

Produced by Nadia Mehdi.

Amongst the Sheep

What does it mean to be autistic? Our second story explores this question.

Kieren was diagnosed as an adult, and is finding it a difficult question to answer. In this feature Kieren sits down with family and friends to try to make sense of his past, and discover what it means to be autistic in an unforgiving, neurotypical world.

Produced by Kieren Davis.

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