Autumn pitches

All The Best is here for emerging audio makers to pitch, produce and learn. We’re currently taking pitches for our Autumn content round! If you need a little inspo we’re on the lookout for stories on the following themes…

#410 Seeking Refuge

Stories of escaping the chaos. Fleeing from a war zone. Going on a meditation retreat, and looking for ways to retreat from the retreat.

#409 Swallowed Up

There’s bad luck, then there’s bad judgement. This week, stories of people receiving ample warning that something isn’t right, and ignoring it at their peril.

#1411 Morwell

Back in February 2014, a coal mine in Morwell caught fire. The entire town was covered in ash. The health impacts to residents were significant. And they’re being compared to the impacts of the current bushfire crisis.

Summer Series #08

This is the last part in our summer series, we hope you’ve enjoyed the trip down memory lane. We’re back with new episodes in two weeks.

Summer Series #07

We’ve been taking a break from making new episodes over summer, so we’re rebroadcasting some of our favourite All The Best stories. We’ll be back in two weeks.

Summer Series #06

We’ll be back with brand new episodes in February. While you wait, here’s some of our favourites from the All The Best archive.

Summer Series #05

We’ll be back with new episodes in a few weeks. Until then, here are some stories that we really like. Hope you like them too.

Summer Series #04

All The Best is taking some time off to rest and recuperate, and to produce new stories for 2020. While we’re away, we’re replaying some of our favourite stories. See you in a few weeks.

Summer Series #03

We’re busy working on new episodes for 2020 and working on our suntans. Please enjoy these fine selections from the All The Best archive.