Spring Pitches

All The Best is here for emerging audio makers to pitch, produce and learn. We’re currently taking pitches for our spring content round!

#435 Digital Worlds

People respond to our pandemic-imposed retreat online by designing and curating their own digital dwellings.

#433 Trust

Dave finds himself with no choice but to trust a group of strangers to keep him alive. Esther tries to buy a dog online, and it all goes wrong.

#432 Close To Home

A former nurse, who witnessed discrimination against HIV patients, contracts the disease and begins experiencing discrimination herself. And a science journalist becomes the subject of her own bushfire reporting.

#430 Long Distance

Stories about connecting with friends and family from a distance — by sharing music, memories and ramen.

#429 Inside Out

Stories of people reaching in, to find the right words, and reaching out, to start a difficult conversation.

#428 Essential Services

Far from being “all in this together,” we’ve seen the pandemic highlight social inequality in our communities.