#1330 Sex, Drugs & Politics


Women with power, that’s the way we like it!

From local government to the world of competitive pole dancing, this episode takes you into the lives of two women and their careers in politics.  They work hard and fight hard to get things done.


Pole Position

Pole dancing champion Zahra Stardust, speaks with Liam Knierim about her move from a career in Law to Pole Dancing and her candidacy for the Sex Party.

Producer:  Liam Knierim

Sound Design:  Belinda Lopez

Music Credits:  I Touch Myself by The Divinyls & Closer by Nine Inch Nails


Tales of Sin & Virtue

Kathryn Bendall shares her story about being a member of local government and the trials and tribulations of a young family, a sick husband and a vengeful building inspector.  Did she have to bend the rules to get things done?  Maybe…just a little.  Kathryn joined All the Best and The Art of Storytelling at their live storytelling event, ‘Tales of Sin & Virtue’.

Technical Producer:  Antonia Gauci

Thanks to Tate Ryan and The Art of Storytelling for Co-Producing Tales of Sin & Virtue


Picture Credits:  J. Howard Miller


Production Manager:  Carly-Ann Keneally

Executive Producer’s:  Giordana Caputo & Belinda Lopez

Features Executive Producer:  Merran Winchester