#1422 By Train


Find your seat, settle in, and listen to the creak of those sleeper beams, the rattling of carriages. This week, we’re taking a train ride, on tracks that crisscross the globe. We go on an adventure along the  Trans Siberian railway, chat to passengers as they stare out the window at the Nullarbor, and wait patiently on a city platform.

St Petersburg to Beijing – The Trans Siberian

Taking the train to Siberia is not something you do every day. I recently took the train from St Petersburg via Siberia and Mongolia to Beijing. One of the longest train journeys in the world – it’s epic length is matched by the epic nature of the adventure. In one instance, the train journey lasts for 5 consecutive days (from Moscow to Irkursk, Siberia) without stopping.

Produced by Joel Carnegie

Music Credits: ‘Button Up Your Overcoat’ by Hetty Kate & Gordon Webster, ‘Eight Russian Folk Songs, Op. 58 Round Dance’ by Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, ‘Emperor’s Box’ by Katie Noonan, ‘Canadia (Take Me)’ by The Little Stevies, ‘Merry Go Round’ by Kacey Musgraves and ‘Night Train’ by Amos Lee.



A non-fiction piece, based on scenes that happened a month ago.

Produced by Selina Springett


Perth to Sydney – The Indian Pacific

James Purtill takes the train all the way across Australia in Red Class – the cheap seats. Four days, three nights, 2.5 thousand miles. Across desert – the Nullarbor desert.  The longest dead-straight stretch of railway in the world.

Produced by James Purtill


Presenters: Michaela Morgan and Michael Brydon 

Community Coordinator: Pip Rasmussen

Executive Producer: Giordana Caputo

Features Executive Producers: Heidi Pett & Jess O’Callaghan

Image Credit: Joel Carnegie