#1438 Grief Part 2


Most of us will grieve for someone or something at some point in our lives, but it’s strange and hard to talk about. Feelings of grief are hard to think about, let alone say out loud.

This week on All the Best, you’ll be hearing part two of our exploration of Grief. We’re hitting the like button under things that make us devastated, we’re speeding to funerals and taking selfies with the casket.
We’ll be thinking about death in all the wrong ways – because no one has figured out the right way yet.


“What if you could be remembered forever?” is the slogan of beta program Eterni.me. But what are the consequences of being remembered forever? What does it mean for the people doing the remembering?
Pip speaks to writer Gillian Terzis about the new technology. You can read Gillian’s feature on the subject in the Saturday Paper here.


Speeding in July
While putting this episode together we realised that death can make you think about yourself, just as much as the person who has passed away. It forces introspection, pullin your insecurities into sharp focus. 

This memoir was first published on Scum Mag.
Written and performed by James Butler
Produced by  Sky Kirkham


Grief without Death
When someone looses a child it’s kind of expected that they will grieve, and hopefully some sort of closure is found. Jessica Bineth wanted to know what the grieving process was like when you’ve lost a child, but they’re still alive.
She spoke to Laurence Anderson, Project Manager at Dads In Distress, a support group for men dealing with the break up of their family and Terry, who who became a member at Dads In Distress a few years ago following his own divorce and now facilitates group meetings in Melbourne.
Produced by Jessica Bineth
Music Credits: Caitlin Park

Presenters:   Pip Rasmussen & Michael Brydon 

Features Executive Producers: Heidi Pett & Jess O’Callaghan

Image Credit: Tjukka2