#1519 War Stories

When we sent troops to fight in World War I the federated Australia was 13 years old. We thought we were invincible and we had something to prove, like most 13 year olds do.
At the end of World War II we still didn’t know who we were. We clung to the idyllic myth of the ANZAC, the idea that we were forged in war, and in that moment, we gave up on the idea of being who we wanted to be and doing it on our own.
In this episode of All the Best, we tell tales from war.
Roy Mundine
Battles were fought and still are fought in this country against discrimination and racism. But when our indigenous soldiers went away they found that war doesn’t discriminate. Bullets go through black skin just the same as white. The playing field was levelled. Until their return and a new fight begans for recognition as protectors of their country.Producer Liam Knierim has created a series of interviews with aboriginal war veterans. Here he speaks to Roy Mundine, a Bundjalung Man who served in the Vietnam War as a Warrant Officer Class One.You can hear more of Liam’s interviews with Aboriginal War Veterans at the Knierim Brothers Youtube channel.
Produced by Liam Knierim
Dame Alice Chisolm
What do you know about your Great-Great Grandmother? Producer Angus Thompson didn’t know much, until one day when his dad handed him a book about her war-time adventures. Here, he looks into the unusual life of an extraordinary woman.
Produced by Angus Thompson

Features Executive Producers: Jess O’Callaghan and Heidi Pett

Presenters: Pip Rasmussen and Michael Brydon

Image Credit: Imperial War Museums (collection no. 4700-32)