#1603 Ew, Gross


Whether it’s spiders, smelly feet, or maybe even Donald Trump that sets you off, we all know the feeling. Your stomach is churning, your heart is racing, your face is all screwed up and you just want to go: eeearrrghhhhhhh!!!!

Get your vomit bucket ready, because today on All the Best, we’re going feral.  Producer Beth Gibson looks at the various things that make us turn up our noses – and why.

Slurp (Heavens, No!)

For one of Beth’s friends, even reading the word is enough. Don’t get her started on the sound.

Music: Meetin’ & Movin’ by Merkel & Fritzemeier and Cylinder Eight by Chris Zabriskie

Swimming In Shit

When it comes to things that gross us out, there is hardly a better example than….poo. We poop almost every day, and yet we try to stay as far away from the stuff as possible. We flush it down, cover up the stench, and absolutely do not bring it up at the dinner table. But what if your job was to literally dive into the stuff?

Beth’s boyfriend hates tomatoes. Actually, Beth’s boyfriend is revolted by tomatoes. The little seeds, the slimy texture, the general vibe. But he’s making a real effort to overcome his disgust, and to that end has invited his friends around to squish them on him, while he attempts to perform a monologue. Oh yeah, and he’s going to try to eat one.

Music: Night Owl by Broke For Free

Pits on the internet

So far we’ve heard stories of disgust from the disgusted. So how does it feel to be the object of disgust? Beth talks to

Music: Afterglow by Podington Bear and Enthusiast by Tours
Episode producer: Beth Gibson

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Music: Sick Things – Alice Cooper