#1618 Standing up, saying something


By Tegan Nicholls

Standing up and saying something isn’t easy, and often the things that are the hardest to say are the ones that matter the most. But it’s those who have spoken up in the face of injustice throughout history that we have remembered and celebrated.

This week’s episode is a feature length story about My Body, My Right, a Sydney-based collective campaigning for change around abortion law. It’s a story about starting from scratch, and about making it up as you go. It’s about polarising beliefs, freedom of speech and the right to choose. But mostly, it’s a story about finding the voice to start the conversation.

Music: Opening, Phillip Glass (from Glassworks) and Closing, Phillip Glass (from Glassworks)


Executive producer: Selena Shannon

State coordinator: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

Presenter: Pip Rasmussen

Community coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

Image taken by Emma Funnell