#1621 Eating Elephants


Eating an elephant is a mammoth task, so how do you tackle it? Do you eat it bite by bite? Where do you start?

When faced with a problem that feels insurmountable, some people are drawn to odd strategies. So this week we’re playing two stories of strange solutions to strange problems.

‘Breaking point’ by Beth Gibson

Breaking a problem down into little pieces is timeless advice, but rarely is it interpreted literally. Melbourne producer Beth Gibson pays a visit to The Break Room to find out if therapy by smashing could be onto something.

Assistant producer: Lachy Moor
Music by Podington Bear

‘The House that Zamenhof Bulit’ by Hannah Ryan

If you’ve ever walked past Redfern station in Sydney, you might have seen a tall brick house nestled in among the terraces on Lawson St. It’s pretty inconspicuous, apart from the large letters on its facade spelling out two words: “ESPERANTO HOUSE”.

Like many other students heading towards the University of Sydney, Hannah Ryan had rushed passed this building on her way to class many times before, but never thought about what goes on inside. Little did she know it was a whole other world in there, a place we’re the Sydney Esperanto community meets to plot world peace.


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Edited by Selena Shannon
Supervising Producer: Selena Shannon
Music by Podington Bear
Image provided by Hannah Ryan


Executive Producer: Selena Shannon

Vic State Coordinator: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

Community Coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

Image by Flickr Creative Commons user wackystuff