#1636 Like Oil and Water


Some things mix like oil and water, forever a slippery co-existence stuck in separation. Like an oil spill in the ocean, this mostly ends in disaster and heartbreak, but occasionally – against all odds – two opposites just click.

This week we bring you both kinds: stories of operas in bathrooms, unlikely friendships, and love + heartbreak.

‘Chamber Pot Opera’ by Tegan Nicholls

What happens when you take Opera out of the theatre and into the last place you would ever expect to find it? Producer Tegan Nicholls explores a rare gem of a musical show that breaks all the rules.

Music: Original performances from the Chamber Pot Opera

‘Love + Heartbreak: Siri investigates’ By Elina Godwin

A few months ago, producer Elina Godwin took us into the mind of Siri – that familiar voice with all the answers living in your iPhone. We absolutely loved that piece so this week we’re bringing Siri back, only this time Siri is examining the line between breaking up but not letting go.

Music: Original composition by Elina Godwin

‘Life in Taralga’ by Michael Cullen

There’s a sleepy town in NSW where, like oil and water, unlikely friendships are being forged between country farmers and city hippies. But things don’t always blend so smoothly when pig hunting is thrown into the mix.

Music: ‘Little Do’ – Podington Bear, ‘Faster, Sons Of Vengeance, Faster!’ – Doctor Turtle, ‘In the Sun’ – David Szesztay, ‘Waiting’ – David Szesztay


Executive Producer: Selena Shannon, with help from acting EP Caitlin Gibson

Vic State Coordinator: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

Community Coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

Episode Compiler: Tegan Nicholls, with Selena Shannon and Caitlin Gibson

Photo Credit: Sam Boneham