#298 The Desert


On the highway down to Alice Springs there are very few places to stop and refuel. A couple of small towns, a few roadhouses.

But then you have Wycliffe Well.

This week All The Best is disappearing into the desert and bringing back stories from campfires, state borders and Alien themed roadhouses.


‘Red Sand Country’ by Joe Koning

Ali is a poet, living in her caravan in suburban Adelaide. She does not see her living situation as “a minimisation of life”, rather, she sees the caravan as a place of safety, somewhere to escape from a society that considers her as an other

Recently, Ali got a surprise announcement that she’d won Yale University’s prestigious Wyndham-Campbell literature prize. The prize is for $165,000 US.

Music: ‘Smoke’ by Shelda, ‘Love is Everywhere’ by Pharaoh Sanders, ‘Maid of the Moon’ by Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo
Supervising producer: Selena Shannon


‘Daddy Emu’ by May Jasper

This story takes us south, where three nineteen year old girls jump in a tiny car and drive longways across the country.  What could possibly go wrong?  (Emus, that’s what.)

Editor: Bec Fary
Music: ‘Just a Little Bit’ by Digger and the Pussycats (The Purple Hearts cover), ‘Australian Wasteland’ by Eva Shlegel, ‘Lies Lies Lies’ by The Stabs (The Chimney Sweeps cover)


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