#310 Hindsight


Meet kids and teenagers who have grown up, and can now see the world through their parents’ eyes. In two stories, we look back on important choices from childhood, and ask if the lens of adulthood always make things clearer.

‘Blueprint’ by Rachel Mcfadden

Lying awake in bed at night, Rachel’s mind wanders back to her childhood home, where happy memories are immortally buried, before one dark night changed everything.

Music: ‘Fading summer’ by Jon Anthony Boorman
Supervising Producer: Bec Fary
Editing by Selena Shannon

‘The good, the bad and the angsty’ by Rebecca Day

Rebecca Day, she grew up in north-east England with her dad and her sister. Today Bec is an emergency doctor at Royal Darwin Hospital, a place that’s a long way away from her first home.

Rebecca has long been holding on to something she really wants to tell her dad, who raised her as a single parent in England in a time when it wasn’t common practice.

This story was first told at SPUN, a live storytelling event in Darwin. You can subscribe to the SPUN Stories podcast via iTunes or your favourite podcast player – just search for SPUN Stories. To find out more about the SPUN storytelling project visit spunstories.net or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Story producer: Johanna Bell

Executive Producer: Selena Shannon

Host: Sam Groth

Episode Compiler: Tegan Nicholls

Vic State Coordinator: Bec Fary

SYN production manager: Beth Gibson

Community Coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

Social Media: Louisa Thurn

Image by Flickr Creative Commons user Greg Nelson