#334 Ghosting


Three tales about ghosting: hauntings in the nation’s capital, an abandoned smoothie shop and unanswered text messages.

‘Running The Show’ by Nina Enever

Everyone remembers their first part time job: dirty work, nasty customers, an overbearing boss. But what if your boss disappeared and everything was left up to you? That’s what happened at an upmarket smoothie bar in Melbourne.

Music: Blue Highway’ by Podington Bear, ‘M08 and Moog’ by Podington Bear, ‘Smooth Actor’ by Podington Bear, ‘Alien Language’ by Podington Bear, ‘Ducky’ by Podington Bear, and ‘Well and Good’ by Podington Bear.

Supervising Producer: Bec Fary

‘Ghosts in the Capital’ by Samantha Groth

Some people jokingly describe Canberra as a ghost town. But hometowner, Samantha Groth, finds out that there’s more going on. It turns out that Australia’s capital city has a very haunted history, especially at the National Film and Sound Archive.

Music: ‘Spooky Outro’ by Transient, ‘Strange Dog Walk’ by Blue Dot Sessions, and ‘Arlan Vale’ by Blue Dot Sessions.

Supervising Producer: Allison Chan

Thanks to Ella for sharing her story about unanswered texts at the start of the program.

All The Best credits:

Executive Producer: Allison Chan

Victorian State Coordinator: Bec Fary

Host: Samantha Groth

Episode Compiler: Tegan Nicholls

SYN Community Coordinator: Jordan Fennell

Community Coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

Social Media Producer: Matilda Fay

Image: Unsplash CC: Stefano Pollio