#375 Same Same but Different


Things are the same but also very different. Just like lying in a virtual reality game. Or feeling out of place amongst your family, until you find punk rock.

Out of Place by Hongnan Guo

Hongnan and Echo are two students in Sydney, who both come from the same province of China. They’re both only daughters and only children. But they have almost opposite relationships with their families.

Supervising Producers: Jordan Fennell and Allison Chan

Music: Cellophane Sam – ‘Deluge’, Blue Dot Sessions – ‘Slow Line Stomp’, Blue Dot Sessions – ‘Slider’, Blue Dot Sessions – ‘Union Hall Melody’. 

Punk Rock in a Bottle by Mike Williams

Rosie Wu experienced severe culture shock when she moved from the Northern Beaches to a boarding school in China. She still travels to China regularly but feels like she doesn’t have much in common with her family. But then she found her tribe.

Music: Cultural Revolution Ballet music, Cui Juin – Nothing to my Name, Midnight Oil – Surf’s Up Tonight, Tand Dynasty – The Sun, Chinese National Anthem, Zhou Yung Peng – Child of China (protest song), Boring Army – Long Live Punk, Backstreet Boys – Everybody, Yung Fang de Zhao Huan – A Call from Afar, The Beatles – Help, Bob Dylan – The Hurricane, The Police – Message in a Bottle, Mongolian Nine Treasures – Fable of Mangus, Shanren – Three Decades (Yunnan folk rock), Xu Wei – Unknown, Ajinai – Grass

ASL by Michael Sun

It’s the early 2000s and 12 year old Michael was unsupervised on a virtual reality game. He developed a lasting crush and lied on the internet. 

Sound Design: Pip Leason

Supervising Producer: Allison Chan

Music: Haruomi Hosono – ‘Cosmic Surfin’, Haruomi Hosono – ‘Noa Noah’, Haruomi Hosono – ‘Saigo no Rakuen’, Haruomi Hosono – ‘Nostalgia Island’

All The Best credits:

Executive Producer: Allison Chan

Victorian State Coordinator: Jordan Fennell

Host: Maddy Macquine

Community Coordinator: Chloe Gillespie

SYN Community Coordinator: Erin Dick

Social Media Producer: Matilda Fay

Image: Unsplash CC: NordWood Themes