#383 Time Capsule


We all know Facebook wants our attention. There’s a reason why the notifications are red.

This is a story about a Facebook notification. It was a post from someone Stephen once knew — 27 years ago.

‘The only hole in my life’ by Carey Scheer

Music: Back in Black by AC/DC, Dead Already by Thomas Newman, Heroin by Velvet Underground, We Love You Michael Gira by Ben Frost, Theory of Machines by Ben Frost, To Build a Home by Thematic Pianos and Paradise City by Guns n Roses

Supervising producer: Tegan Nicholls and Selena Shannon

With thanks to Stephen and Tracey, and Marc Gierke for moral support and musical inspiration. And thanks to The Basem3nt for their studio. 

All The Best credits:

Executive Producer: Allison Chan

Victorian State Coordinator: Jordan Fennell

Host: Maddy Macquine

Community Coordinators: Chloe Gillespie and Danni Stewart

SYN Community Coordinator: Erin Dick

Social Media Producer: Matilda Fay

Image: Unsplash CC: Soragrit Wongsa