#465 Swarm Part Three

This week, for our final instalment of the ‘swarm’ series, we explore the link between jellyfish blooms and climate change, increasing surveillance in our major cities, the world of dating apps and more!

Each of these stories were produced by Melbourne University Audio Journalism students as part of a special collaboration with the Science Gallery.

Content Warning: This episode contains sexually explicit content and mention of sexual harassment. 

Bec Pridham 

Why do bees swarm? Is there any rhythm or rhyme? Bec Pridham chats with local Adelaide beekeepers, unpacking swarming behaviour and how it is changing. 

Sound sourced from BBC Sound Effects. 

Producer: Bec Pridham

Supervising Producer: Louisa Lim


Clancy Balen 

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched? Or followed? Tracked, maybe? Well, these days we are. We all are. Private actors, or local governments, here in Australia someone’s always watching. 

Music: Pat Telfer, The Elevator Bossa Nova by Ben Sounds, Marche funèbre d’une marionette by Charles Gounoud and original composition. 

Producer: Clancy Balen

Supervising Producer: Ollie Krusec



Amalyah Hart 

Jellyfish blooms are a captivating sight, with thousands of the creatures massing together in groups that can be kilometres wide. But these blooms are also linked to pollution and climate change, because jellyfish thrive in the kinds of conditions that can kill most other marine creatures.

Music: Peloton and At the Crown/City Whistle by Merriware (Used with permission). Additional sound sourced from BBC Sound Archive. 

Producer: Amalyah Hart

Supervising Producer: Mell Chun


Josh Nevett 

The popularity of dating apps is soaring, producing stories that are unique to the digital age. Josh Nevett brings us two of those stories, begging the question… should you join the swipers, or is it best to avoid keyboard intimacy like the plague?

Music: ‘Sexy Lounge’. Sourced from Adobe Stock. 

Producer: Josh Nevtt

Supervising Producer: Ollie Krusec


Julie Barman 

Have you ever peacefully sat down in public transport, or happily danced to your favourite songs in a nightclub only to feel someone coming too close to you without your permission? Julie Baman talks to young women about their experiences of sexual harassment on a night out. 

Producer: Julie Barman

Supervising Producer: Eugenia Zoubtchenko


All The Best credits:

Production Manager: Danni Stewart

Editorial Manager: Mell Chun

Host: Helenna Barone-Peters

Episode Mix and Compile: Ollie Krusec

Social Media Producer: Emma Pham

Community and Events Coordinator: Lidiya Josifova