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  • #1429 Underground

    #1429 Underground

    In this episode, we’re going underground, with secrets, subcultures and subversive publishing. We meet River, one of the elusive Shoplifters of Tumblr, and hear stories of Oz Magazine from Jim Anderson. The Shoplifters of Tumblr The internet has meant that even the most underground of movements, most clandestine of activities, are now made to be…

  • Start The Riot: Positive Politics in Fashion

    To complement our Rana Plaza anniversary episode, Squeezing The System, Ollie Henderson tells the story of the catcall that sparked her to begin her very own fashion revolution. Produced by Avani Dias

  • # 1339 Claiming Body

    # 1339 Claiming Body

      The female form is a glorious thing.  This episode we want to share stories about the female form as art, canvas, biology and sex.   Claiming Body Megan Oliver is a tattoo artist at one of the leading tattoo studio’s in the country.  She has over 20 years of experience in Australia and overseas.…