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  • Summer Series #02

    Summer Series #02

    We’re taking a few weeks off while we get ready for new episodes in 2020. So we’ve picked some of our favourite stories to play over the summer.

  • #401 People Readers

    #401 People Readers

    This episode is all about reading people—reading their mannerisms, picking up on social cues, trying to glean what a person is really like through observation. We have an expert in reading sexual energy and an artist undertaking an observational experiment which leads them to discover, for the first time, all the strange and unique behaviours…

  • #1633: Unknown Pleasures

    #1633: Unknown Pleasures

    By this stage of our lives we’ve formed pretty solid ideas of how the world should be, we think we know what we like and what we don’t like. We’re familiar with the streets in our towns and we know the kind of films we like. But for the people in our stories this week,…