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  • #1329 On the Road

    #1329 On the Road

    Everyone likes adventure and the long roads of Australia, that stretch thousands of kilometres through changing landscapes, can offer the perfect place for adventure and discovery. And whatever the reason you’re on the road; love, adventure, escape, you’re bound to make some pretty amazing discoveries in this big ‘ol country. This episode we hear the…

  • #1212 Town and Country

    #1212 Town and Country

    We go to the city. We go to the country. Stories about leaving the country and returning home. Audio Diaries Produced by Giordana Caputo With contributions from Bronwen Loden and Jordan Bloomer Original sound design and music by Andrew McLennan Albion Park Written and read Annaliese Constable Sound Design: Callum Wheeler Dialogue Edit: Nick Rowan Sound Supervision by…