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  • GRAPHIC 2012: Radio With Pictures

    GRAPHIC 2012: Radio With Pictures



    RADIO WITH PICTURES Part radio show, part comic strip, performed live on stage as part of the 2012 Graphic Festival. Sunday 11 November, The Studio, 3.30pm $20 As devout believers in the age-old craft of storytelling, Graphic and FBi Radio are teaming up to bring two champions of a good ol’ tale together in Radio…

  • #1217 Im Not There

    #1217 Im Not There

    The theme today on All the Best is taken from ‘Im Not There’ a film about Bob Dylan.  In the film six actors play six incarnations of Bob Dylan and today we have stories about shifting personalities, missing family and friends who seem real one moment and gone the next.  From Jasper who has 1…

  • #1216 24 Hour Challenge

    #1216 24 Hour Challenge

    This week we set our contributors a challenge. Make a radio story in 24 hours. The day we picked was Sunday August 5.  The time to begin midday. Windsurfing under the flightpath Produced by Miles Martingoni For as long as he can remember, Miles’s father has been trying to drag him out onto the water.…

  • Gina McKeon wins a Walkley for ATB!

    Gina McKeon wins a Walkley for ATB!



    Gina won her Walkley Award for Young Australian Journalist of the Year (Radio) and was Highly Commended, Young Journalist of the Year. Gina was among three finalists shortlisted from over 100 entries and the Walkely Award recognises excellence for her story on “The St Vincent’s Church in Redfern” that was broadcast as part of episode…

  • #1215 Dear Diary

    #1215 Dear Diary



    Would you ever read someone else’s diary…? The Ultimate Taboo Produced by Georgia Moodie What’s the one thing you are not meant to do to your sister’s diary? Years after breaking the oldest rule about diary privacy Georgia Moodie chats to her sister about an incident from their childhood No One Understands Me: Teen Diary…

  • #1214 Guests

    #1214 Guests



    Guests – we’ve all been one, we’ve all had one and we’ve all subsequently gathered a few amusing – and often sordid – tales along the way. From the unwelcome, to the unexpected and from the unusual to the down-right crazy, guests can often prove to make life just a little more interesting. This week…

  • #1213 A Frightened Country

    #1213 A Frightened Country

    Where were you when the Cronulla Riots broke out? The answer to this question is something that most Sydneysiders can recall with ease. This week’s episode explores the Cronulla riots and the topic of Nationalism from the perspective of an ‘accidental passerby’ and and ‘accidental local’. Sometimes, things aren’t always as they seem. What does…

  • #1212 Town and Country

    #1212 Town and Country

    We go to the city. We go to the country. Stories about leaving the country and returning home. Audio Diaries Produced by Giordana Caputo With contributions from Bronwen Loden and Jordan Bloomer Original sound design and music by Andrew McLennan Albion Park Written and read Annaliese Constable Sound Design: Callum Wheeler Dialogue Edit: Nick Rowan Sound Supervision by…

  • #1211 Radio Pro

    #1211 Radio Pro

    Today we bring you some stories produced as part of our Radio Pro training project paring up All the Best producers with young people who have never made radio before.  We’ve played some stories before on our program 2011 Christmas Special and Reinvention. Tony Hoang Produced by Thuy Nguyen Radio Pro Mentor: Gina McKeon The Lone Trumpeter…

  • #1210 The Great Unveiling

    #1210 The Great Unveiling



    Today’s show features two stories about what happens when the only way to talk about something very very private is to put it out in public. Recorded live at our storytelling night at the 2012 Sydney Writers’ Festival. The Pole or the Not Pole Written and read by Anna Barnes Mum’s Habits Written and read by…

  • CRN Special 2011 Bests#4

    CRN Special 2011 Bests#4

    Some highlights from 2011

  • CRN Special 2011 Bests#3

    CRN Special 2011 Bests#3

    Some highlights from 2011

  • CRN Special 2011 Bests#2

    CRN Special 2011 Bests#2

    Some highlights from 2011

  • CRN Special 2011 Bests#1

    CRN Special 2011 Bests#1



    Some highlights from 2011

  • #1209 Modern Warefare

    #1209 Modern Warefare

    This week we’re locked and loaded as we talk Modern Warfare. We head to Japan for the 65th Anniversary of Hiroshima, stop over in Iraq to talk about conflict photography, head behind the Iron Curtain to compete in a swimming race and visit your local gym to enter a real life Fight Club. Hiroshima Written…

  • #1208 Reinvention

    #1208 Reinvention

    This week on All the Best it’s all about reinventing the wheel. We bring you stories about reinventing yourself for online dating, we travel to Vanuatu and back and hear a fictional story about dying birds who get turned into… robots! My Mum Dating Produced by Brigitte Dagg The Last Ones Written and read by…

  • #1207 The Block (repeat)

    #1207 The Block (repeat)

    On this week’s show we re-played you one of our favourite episodes to date – ‘The Block’. The Block in Redfern has a well-documented history of drugs, violence, and riots. Perhaps you’ve never heard otherwise. Maybe you’ve avoided knowing much about it at all, having never stepped foot on Eveleigh Street and it’s surrounds. On…

  • #1206 Paper Radio Presents

    #1206 Paper Radio Presents

    On this week’s show we hand over to our biggest radio crushes, Paper Radio. Hear stories from Benjamin Law, Tom Cho and Elizabeth Reale.  More from Paper Radio: Me and Run Like A Dream  Written by Elizabeth Reale. Voiced by Prudence Smith, Ange Arabatzis, Jo Case, Tamara Zimet. Sound design by Jon Tjhia. Sound Story…

  • #1205 A Bedtime Story

    #1205 A Bedtime Story

    Snuggle up to your pillow and settle in to snooze as we read you A Bedtime Story. We bring you stories delivered via intercontinental cassettes, take a magical taxi ride and get a bunch of 11 y.o’s to write us a bedtime story. Doll Hospital Produced by Eliza Sarlos Hairyman Story told by Kerry Toomey…

  • #1204 First Impressions

    #1204 First Impressions

    A show in 24 hours? We thought it was impossible. Until this week’s show fell in on itself and we had to make it happen. Hear the results, including – stripping off in P.E. class, and we get our Tarot Cards read in the backseat of a car during a flashflood.  Produced by Jesse Cox…