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  • #584 Punk, people, politics

    #584 Punk, people, politics

    This week, stories about breaking the rules of modern society. And just a heads up – it’s the punk episode – so there might be some swears. Please Come to My Show In our first story, we’re gonna hear from five people looking back at their young, punk selves, and how the politics, music, and…

  • #525 Ecological Wonders

    #525 Ecological Wonders

    One of this country’s best qualities is its diverse and beautiful fauna. This week, we meet unknown creatures and learn unknown facts about familiar ones. Giant Cuttlefish Fans of the cephalopod, Dan and Indigo, venture to Whyalla to see a Giant Cuttlefish in the flesh. Producer: Mel Bakewell This story was originally broadcast on Radio…

  • #520 A Postcard From Greece

    #520 A Postcard From Greece

    Good morning, Καλημέρα, Good night, Καληνυχτα Mel and Tiarne – two friends who booked parallel trips to Greece – one month apart. This week we’re bringing you the voice notes that Mel and Tiarne sent to each other, documenting their trips to Greece in September and October of 2022. Join us for an intimate portrayal…