#520 A Postcard From Greece

Good morning, Καλημέρα, Good night, Καληνυχτα

Mel and Tiarne – two friends who booked parallel trips to Greece – one month apart.

This week we’re bringing you the voice notes that Mel and Tiarne sent to each other, documenting their trips to Greece in September and October of 2022.

Join us for an intimate portrayal of travelling in this time, to this place.

Produced by: Mel Bakewell and Tiarne Cook

This story was originally broadcast on Background Sound – an audio storytelling program from Radio Adelaide, 101.5fm.

All The Best credits:

Production Manager: Phoebe Adler-Ryan

Editorial Manager: Mell Chun

Episode Mix and Compile: Phoebe Adler-Ryan

Host: Danni Stewart

Community and Events Coordinator: Lidiya Josifova

Social Media Producer: Timothy Nguyen

Trainee: Madhuraa Prakash

Image credit: Pixabay: fietzfotos