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  • #431 Origin Story

    #431 Origin Story

    Stories of uncovering ancestry.

  • #380 Lost It

    #380 Lost It

    Hang out with us in lost property. There’s a hoodie with a hole, a pair of headphones that don’t work…and a broken heart. Wheels by Sarath Chandra Todd knows what it feels like to lose something. He also knows about starting out as an opera singer, and then pivoting to triathlons. Supervising Producer: Ryan Pemberton Music: ‘Brown…

  • #376 Funny Business

    #376 Funny Business

    If laughter is the best medicine, do we all have access to the same medicine cabinet? Yes, this is a terrible joke. Thankfully, this episode features professionals who genuinely make people laugh. — Hear Me Laugh by Lauren Klein When Lauren Klein started doing stand up comedy, she couldn’t help but notice the lack of…

  • #350 Reality Check

    #350 Reality Check

    Sometimes internal differences lead to changes in political leadership in Australia. And sometimes we just need to escape from the banter and find our escape in books, films and fan clubs. — ‘Bibliotherapy’ by Sarath Chandra Sarath isn’t into reading anymore and decides to talk to two authors to rekindle his love of books. He also…

  • #338 To Laugh and To Learn

    #338 To Laugh and To Learn

    We find out how comedy and education shape the history of multiculturalism in Australia. Sarath Chandra talks to two comedians about how their backgrounds inform their material. Sheila Pham talks to Dung Dinh who came to Australia as an international student when the White Australia Policy was still in place. — Funny Voices by Sarath Chandra It’s a really interesting…