#431 Origin Story


This week, stories of uncovering ancestry.

‘Australia’s First Social Enterprise’ by Eddy Diamond

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that Ash Walker discovered that La Perouse Aboriginal community, of which he’s a member, founded one of Australia’s first social enterprises.

Before the protectionism era, the La Perouse Aboriginal community successfully engaged in the Australian economy. Partnering with prominent colonial families and securing income for their community. They are working towards reclaiming their past position as a valued part of the Australian economy.

Producer: Eddy Diamond

Assistant Producer & Presenter Sally Walker

Supervising producer: Sarah Mashman

Thanks to Ashley Walker, Sally Walker and Ray Ingrey from the Gujaga Foundation for telling this story.

Music: ‘Blank Page’ by Air Space Ark, ‘All Hands Bury the Dead’ by Wilson Tanner

‘Karanam’ by Sarath Chandra

Sarath Chandra learns he’s not actually the first lawyer in his family — he descends from a long line of village adjudicators, called Karanams.

Producer: Sarath Chandra

Supervising producer: Allison Chan

Music: ‘Something about us’ by Chilly Gonzalez,  ‘Shankaram’ by Veena Jayanthi,  ‘Jumma Chumma’ by Kavita Krishnamurthy and Sudesh Bhosle, ‘The Raiders March’ by John Williams, ‘Holi Festival’ by Nitin Sawhney

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Photo: John Thompson via State Library of New South Wales