All The Best is for new Australian storytelling. Hear from a Melbourne-based cannibal, or how the Australian Wallabies team used theatre workshops to improve their game; anxiety attacks in a Tantric sex class, and what the shopping centre Santa Claus is really thinking – all on All The Best. We’re a weekly radio show and podcast produced at FBi Radio in Sydney in association with SYN and Triple R in Melbourne. We’re also broadcast nationally via the Community Radio Network. We’ve been telling stories in a variety of different forms since 2010, picking a theme each week and using short form documentary, personal narrative, interviews, and fiction to tell our stories.

We’ve won (2012) and been highly commended (2011) as ‘Best Spoken Word, News & Current Affairs’ program at the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia awards (the Voxxies) and one of our producers even won a Walkley award for a story she did on the program. In 2015, we were listed as one of the Sydney Morning Herald’s top Australian podcasts. The Guardian Australia loves us too.

All The Best was created by Jesse Cox, Brigitte Dagg & Eliza Sarlos. It’s currently run by Allison Chan and Jordan Fennell.

Since 2012 our program has been supported by the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

Contact us at contact at allthebestradio dot com or pitch a story to ep at allthebestradio dot com.

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