#1610 Your One Beauty

By Hannah Reich

In a special full-length documentary, producer Hannah Reich explores hair and loss. She meets four women who reveal their intimate relationship with hair, before and after it’s gone.

Image: Fiona, provided by Author

Supervising producer: Selena Shannon

Sound design support from Ariel Gross and Calum Wakeling

Music: ‘I want to’ by Best Coast; ‘Cut your hair’ by Pavement; ‘Black is the colour of my true love’s hair’ by Nina Simone; ‘How to tame lions’ by Washington;  ‘Otis walks into the woods’, ‘Jaxine drive’, and ‘The quiet at night’ by Mary Lattimore; ‘Speakermilk’ by Crumbs.


#1609 Not Quite Mirror Image


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Do you ever think about how other people perceive you? How they interpret what you’re putting out into the world? Do you ever think about how different that interpretation might be from your own self perception?

In this episode we meet three people, each questioning the public’s perception of them, and trying to set the record straight.

Growing old as a lesbian by Zacha Rosen

Teresa Savage has spent her life not fitting in. And being awesome for it. She runs the website 55 Uppity, which is a site about “what older dykes and queers and lezzos wear and think and believe.” She fills us in.

This extract comes from our friends over at Not What You Think. If you like having your views of the world challenged, definitely check out this great little podcast.

Music: Impossible Girl #3 by Kim Bokebinder, Musica Poetica I: Gassenhauer by Carl Orff, Bad Girls by M.I.A. and You’re So Cool by Hans Zimmer

Luke from Lakemba by Caitlin Gibson

Luke Carman is a Western Sydney writer who sits outside of the hipster lit-crit, and rallies for an authentic Australian voice that is more reflective of ‘real’ – for lack of a better word- life Australia. In all its diversity, complexity, and discomfort.

In this short intro to Luke, he reads us an excerpt from his book ‘An Elegant Young Man’, set in the back seat of a taxi driving through Liverpool in Sydney’s Western suburbs.

Music: Beautiful waste by The Triffids

Who is Clara from Warringah? By Selena Shannon

Clara is 24 and a very normal young Sydney-sider. Except that last year she ran for parliament in the state election against Premier Mike Baird, notoriously Australia’s most popular politician. It was a move many people could not understand. This year, she has bigger fish to fry.

Music: Klara by Ólöf Arnalds

Image: Flickr Creative Commons user Ms L


Community Coordinator: Aidan Molins

Presenter: Pip Rasmussen

Executive Producer: Selena Shannon


#1608 Journey Through The Past


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Time to take a journey through the past. In both of these beautiful stories from Melbourne we meet two women, each reflecting on a connection to their old lives and exploring relationships lost.

Little Girl Lost by Made Stuchbery

Have you ever returned to a place from your childhood, only to find everything has shrunk down, and all the buildings and the rooms feel smaller than you remember?

Then you realise that it’s not the room or the town that got smaller. It was you that got bigger, and everything else stayed the same.

Made returns to an old bush track, fearlessly trodden in her childhood, to find past memories haunting her.

Supervising Producing by Bec Fary and Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

Music: Domino by Van Morrison, Beside you by Van Morrison

Goodbye Claude by Izzy Roberts-Orr

Goodbyes are hard, but often necessary. Sophie says goodbye to Claude for the last time, and ponders the significance of this particular break-up.

Compiled and edited by Selena Shannon

Music: Koi by Amorth


Executive Producer: Selena Shannon

Vic State Coordinator: Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

Community Coordinator: Aidan Molins

Presenter: Pip Rasmussen

Image: Flickr Creative Commons user Toni Fish

#1607 The Forgotten Wars


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Two weeks ago the Daily Telegraph printed a front cover with the confusing headline ‘White Washed’. It alleged that UNSW students were told to refer to Australia as having been ‘invaded’, as opposed to the more palatable ‘settled’.

The Daily Telegraph claimed that UNSW was rewriting history, and its tone suggested that doing so was unequivocally bad. The cover brought the debate about our country’s history to a point of tension.

Last Monday was ANZAC day, and as is tradition we commemorated our war heroes, something we love to do. But there’s growing evidence that we’ve got it all wrong, we’re just not listening to the whole truth.

Produced by Joey Watson

Editing and Supervising Producing by Selena Shannon

Music: ‘I Am My Elders Blood’ by Ub Ubbo Exchange (Parkes Wiradjuri Language group and Sunfield Records), and ‘Ngerraberrakernama (Wake Up)’ by Emily Wurramara

Executive Producer: Selena Shannon 

Community Coordinator: Aidan Molins

Presenter: Pip Rasmussen

Image: Flickr user Bentley Smith