#449 Animal Attachment

Warm & cuddly or slippery & slimy we rely on our cute animal friends to bring us comfort and companionship. This week stories about snails & one very special cat.

Learning To Go Slow by Ivy Shih 

The COVID-19 pandemic left Ivy feeling sluggish and withdrawn. Even after lockdown restrictions began to ease in Sydney, she found herself still reluctant to interact with the outside world. 

Then Ivy came across a project about tracking snails, and decided to take part.

Producer: Ivy Shih

Supervising Producer: Lee Robinson 

Music: ‘Picnic March’ by Blue Dot Sessions, ‘The Poplar Grove’ by Blue Dot Sessions, ‘Imagery’ by Xylo-Ziko, ‘Inside the paper crane’ by Blue Dot Sessions, ‘Crystals’ by Xylo-Ziko. 

Find more info about the The snail homing project and share your stories on Urban Field Naturalist. 

Image Caption: Anika captured by Ivy. 


Meow To Be by Wing Kuang

The first time when Wing saw Alexander, she knew she was meant to meet him. They had a great time together, but it was also their destiny to farewell each other. Would it still be counted as a fate, if it was just temporary?

Producer: Wing Kuang 

Supervising Producer: Mell Chun

Sound Design: Mell Chun 

Image caption: Alexander captured by WIng. 


All The Best credits:

Production Manager: Danni Stewart 

Editorial Manager: Mell Chun

Host: Maddy Macquine

Episode mix and compile: Josh McKay 

Social Media Producers: Matilda Fay and Angela Moran